5 Things that can ruin the design of a diamond ring

Diamonds are precious and so are the rings that contain it. Diamond rings are beautiful but they are also delicate. They come in a variety of designs that are attractive and stand the test of time if and when cared for properly. One should opt for an ornately designed diamond ring only if they are able to take care of it properly. A diamond ring is an expensive commodity and therefore don’t purchase it if you think it’s going to get ruined by you wearing it during your daily activities. In such cases, getting a plain gold band is best. However, it won’t have the same charm as that of a diamond ring. Here are 5 things that can ruin the design of a diamond ring.


Most diamonds are resistant to damage by water, but the diamond engagement rings Hatton garden often come with a metal part that is prone to damage by water. Diamonds rings are usually made of gold or platinum metal. These metals in their pure form are inert but also soft. In order to make them sturdy, other metals are added to it. These metals make them harder and stronger but also decrease their ability to resist water damage. Long term exposure to water, especially salt water can damage your ring.


We often overlook the chemicals that are a part of our soap, shampoo, perfume, sunscreen, make up and other cosmetic products. Exposure of a diamond ring to the harmful chemicals in these products can damage it and cause a cloudy appearance on the ring. It is advisable to remove your jewellery before you take a shower and put on your jewellery after you’ve done your make and put your perfume.

Physical damage

Since diamond rings signify our marital status, most people like to wear it on an everyday basis. While wearing it every day is not a problem as such but it is common for jewellery items to suffer some form of physical damage when worn every day. This damage may be in the form of dents and scratches, especially if your work involves lifting heavy things, outdoor activities and dealing with machines. Jewellery items can also suffer damage if they get tangled while storage. Make sure to remove your jewellery when working and store them safely in individual boxes.


Exposure to harsh chemicals can cause lasting damage to your jewellery. Take off your ring before going to swim because the chlorine in pools can discolour your ring. Household cleaning products also have a lot of chemicals and therefore you should remove your ring before using cleaning products or doing laundry.

Poor DIY cleaning techniques

While it is possible to clean your ring made of lab grown diamonds UK at home, using the wrong solutions for cleaning can deteriorate the surface of the jewellery items. Toothpaste, bleach and vigorous scrubbing may seem to work initially but can cause scratches and loosening of the stones. Get your ring professionally cleaned as often as possible.

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