5 Useful Tips on Managing a Remote Team

Remote Team

The idea of work is forever changed due to the coronavirus. Now more business owners are open to flexible workplaces, as they’ve gained insight into all the benefits for employees and the business. However, this type of work style comes with a lot of obstacles and challenges. Because of that, managers are struggling to lead remote teams.

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Main obstacles include lack of trust, bad communication, and inability to track your employees’ moves. Luckily, you can solve these issues with adequate leadership. So, check out these 5 useful tips that will help you manage a remote team successfully.

1. Schedule daily meetings

While this may seem like a waste of time, daily meetings are crucial for remote teams no matter the industry. They provide numerous benefits not only for employees but for managers as well! On top of that, daily meetings and check-in improve time management for everyone. So, what are all those mysterious benefits?

First of all, they allow managers to check in on their employees and see how are they doing, mentally and physically. This shows that you truly care about them, which boosts loyalty and productivity. On top of that, it’s an opportunity to socialize and work on daily struggles as a team, which improves team spirit and the feeling of being involved!

2. Be clear when assigning tasks

One of the biggest issues and challenges with remote work is not being able to see colleagues face to face at all times. Besides making communication difficult, this also makes understanding complicated. Due to that, a lot of misunderstanding happens when it comes to tasks and assignments your employees need to complete. How can you fix that?

The best way to keep your employees in the game is by setting clear expectations and definitions of each role in the team. This will also help improve company culture and communication within the team. Another tip and trick for managing a remote team are having everything written. Such traces can help you further elaborate misunderstandings and clear any problems along the way.

3. Focus on outcomes

Due to the lack of trust, managers implement activity tracking software that records their employees’ every move. This approach focuses on the activity of your employees instead of on the result. Such practice can lead to the fluctuation of the best people in the company. Professionals usually need less time to complete the same tasks than someone in a junior position. So, change your perspective and start measuring results!

Focusing on outcomes shows your employees that their skills and work are truly valued! To make such a procedure possible, you need to clearly determine goals. This will allow teams to come up with a plan. In the end, you should celebrate each victory and praise your team for their success!

4. Use technologies to make it work

Without technologies, remote work wouldn’t be possible. After all, various tools and gadgets exist to make our work easier and more bearable. So, why wouldn’t you use them? Equipping your team with all the necessary resources for work will help them be more effective and accurate. So, what are the tools they need?

First of all, ensure they have adequate computers for work. Depending on the industry, you need to provide programs they will use daily. Additionally, don’t forget about some apps and tools that make remote work easier, such as project management apps, communication tools, and task management programs. You can find out more at Blink website about the benefits and uses of such tools.

5. Show flexibility and empathy

When it comes to being a leader of a remote team, you need to understand that not every one of your employees has the same working conditions. Some may be single parents, while others have different things and issues on their minds. That’s why you need to show flexibility and empathy to become a true leader.

While being focused on the results, you need to focus on employees who bring those results. To successfully manage your remote team, show understanding of different life crises and personal issues. Talent is now hard to find, so do your best not to lose your hard-working employees.

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Final thoughts

Managing a remote team is a challenge not everyone is ready to take. It takes a lot of patience and adaptability to become a true leader of people scattered all over the city, country, or even the world. Hopefully, these 5 tips will help you manage a remote team and do it successfully!

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