A Comprehensive Guide to Canada Visa for Romanian Citizens

Canada Visa


For citizens of Romania, the opportunity to explore Canada’s breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage is an exciting prospect. However, embarking on this adventure requires obtaining the necessary visa. Canada offers various visa options catering to different purposes, including tourism, study, work, and immigration. This comprehensive guide aims to provide Romanian citizens with valuable insights and step-by-step instructions to navigate the CANADA VISA FOR ROMANIA CITIZENS application process effectively, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Understanding Canada Visa Options:

  1. Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa – TRV):
    • Designed for Romanian citizens intending to visit Canada for tourism, visiting family or friends, or attending business meetings.
    • Typically valid for up to six months.
    • Requirements may include proof of sufficient funds, ties to Romania, and a letter of invitation (if applicable).
  2. Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA):
    • Mandatory for Romanian citizens flying to Canada, except those with a valid Canadian visa.
    • Allows for multiple short visits, usually up to six months per entry, over a five-year period.
    • Suitable for tourists, business travelers, or individuals transiting through Canada.
  3. Study Permit:
    • Essential for Romanian students intending to pursue academic programs in Canada.
    • Requires acceptance into a Canadian educational institution and proof of financial support.
    • Permit validity corresponds to the duration of the study program.
  4. Work Permit:
    • Required for Romanian citizens planning to work in Canada temporarily.
    • Typically necessitates a job offer from a Canadian employer and, in some cases, a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).
    • Validity depends on the terms of the employment offer.
  5. Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs):
    • For Romanian citizens aspiring to obtain permanent residency in Canada.
    • Express Entry employs a points-based system considering factors like age, education, work experience, and language proficiency.
    • PNPs enable Canadian provinces and territories to nominate individuals with the skills and qualifications needed in their respective regions.

Application Process:

  1. Determine Eligibility: Assess the visa category that aligns with your purpose of travel or stay in Canada.
  2. Gather Documents: Collect necessary documents such as passport, photographs, financial statements, travel itinerary, and supporting letters.
  3. Complete Application: Fill out the online application form accurately, following instructions and requirements diligently.
  4. Pay Fees: Submit the visa application fee and any other applicable charges.
  5. Submit Application: Forward the completed application and supporting documents through the designated channel, whether online or at a Visa Application Center (VAC).
  6. Attend Biometrics Appointment (if required): Romanian citizens aged 14 to 79 may need to provide biometric data (fingerprints and photograph) at a VAC.
  7. Await Processing: Processing times vary depending on the visa type and current workload.
  8. Receive Decision: Upon processing completion, receive a decision indicating visa approval, refusal, or request for additional information.
  9. Travel to Canada: If approved, adhere to visa conditions and travel to Canada within the validity period.


Embarking on the CANADA VISA FOR SLOVAKIA CITIZENS application journey as a Romanian citizen involves understanding visa options, meeting eligibility criteria, and submitting a thorough application. Whether embarking on a leisurely adventure, pursuing educational opportunities, seeking professional endeavors, or considering permanent residency, meticulous preparation and adherence to guidelines can pave the way for a rewarding Canadian experience.

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