A Look at Dominican Supermodel Suzy Perez

Suzy Perez, a Dominican supermodel from the 1990s, earned worldwide respect and made millions of magazines cover pages. She also featured prominently in music videos featuring American stars like P. Diddy and Jennifer Lopez.

Suzy’s life took an unfortunate turn when she was drugged, raped and brutalized by men employed at a modeling agency. Subsequently she became addicted to illicit substances and now survives on the streets of New York City.

Former Dominican Supermodel

Suzy Perez was one of the world’s most sought-after models during the 1990s and early 2000s. She graced magazine front covers and starred in music videos for renowned musicians like Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy, earning her fans worldwide attention.

After signing an impressive deal with an Italian modeling agency, she was attacked and drugged by unknown men. Over time, her body became dependent on the drugs, leading her to abuse them.

After her contract ended, she went into hiding and was eventually discovered on the streets of New York in 2019.

Reporter Gelena Solano, famed as a correspondent for Univision’s ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’, recognized her and attempted to help. She even offered her a place to stay but she declined. Senna Celestino wrote in a since-deleted tweet that Suzy uses money given to her by others for purchasing drugs.

Drug Addict

Suzy Perez may look stunningly beautiful, but she has a long-standing history of substance abuse issues. These addictions have severely disrupted her social life, physical health and mind.

She was once a popular model and dancer, featured in music videos and numerous TV shows. However, now she lives on the streets of New York City.

After being severely beaten by a group of men who almost killed her, she lost custody of her son due to her drug addiction.

Due to her struggles with substance abuse, she is homeless and has adopted living on the streets. She is barely recognizable now – a shadow of her former self.

Univision reporter Gelena Solano has been following Suzy’s story and doing her best to assist her. She has worked to restore Suzy and her son’s relationship, provide them with essential items like food and clothing, as well as treating Suzy to a pampering trip at the salon.


Suzy Perez, a Dominican model, made her dreams come true when she moved to America. She collaborated with renowned names in music such as Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs.

She quickly rose to become a popular video vixen and appeared on the covers of urban magazines. However, her life took an unexpected turn when she developed an addiction to drugs.

Her family is working to get her into rehab and has raised funds to do so, but she refuses to receive assistance.

Her skin has been scarred from drug abuse, she suffers from nervous tics, depression and bipolar disorder, and she has recently lost custody of her son.

Living on the Streets

Suzy Perez was one of the world’s most renowned models during the 1990s and early 2000s. She featured prominently in many music videos as well as on top fashion magazine covers.

Unfortunately, her life took an unfortunate turn when she became addicted to drugs. Now, she lives on the streets of New York City and looks nothing like the model who once reigned there.

She struggles with an intense drug addiction and multiple physical and mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, herniated disc, bipolar disorder and broken bones.

Despite her difficult circumstances, she is striving to receive assistance. Her son Savion has launched a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to raise money for rehabilitation services for her.

Suzy’s campaign has already achieved half its goal, yet her family is still fighting to provide her with the care she requires. She has become a shadow of herself and it will take an acute eye to recognize her from past pictures.

Suzy Perez’s Rehab

Suzy Perez was once a celebrated model, but her life took an unfortunate turn. Substance abuse and mental health issues ultimately claimed her.

Rumors swirl about her decline, yet it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what caused it. Once a picture-perfect figure and beauty model, her pictures were featured in numerous magazines.

She was also a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez and P Diddy. In her prime years, she enjoyed an idyllic home and an idyllic lifestyle; however, things began to spiral out of control once she began abusing drugs.

She’s now a mere shell of her former self, barely recognizable. Her social life, physical health and mental stability have all taken a major hit due to her heroin addiction.

By Atif Mehar

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