Best Bitmoji Alternatives for Students

Popular among children and young adults, Bitmoji is an app that allows users to create a cartoon version of themselves. Particularly now that Bitmoji creator Bitstrips has been acquiring by Snapchat and seamlessly integrate into the program, users can use their avatars as Snapchat stickers.

Even if your parents don’t get it, sending cartoon representations of yourself can be a lot of fun. However, Bitmoji isn’t the only app that can do this. If you want more options for the type of cartoon you can make, here are 20 awesome apps that work similarly to the Bitmoji alternatives.
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Alternatives to Bitmoji

The well-known Bobble Keyboard app works almost identically to Bitmoji, making it the program that most closely resembles Bitmoji. Instead of starting from scratch, you can take a picture of yourself, which the software will then inevitably turn into a cartoon. Following that, the software generates a variety of stickers for you to share with your friends. It is even possible to use personalized text with stickers, which I think is fantastic. When you’ve found the perfect sticker, you can share it on a variety of social media platforms, including WhatsApp, iMessage, and others. It is a well-known alternative to Bitmoji.

Guide Giphy Stickers 

The Stickers are a different program similar to Bitmoji that allows you to create your own unique portrait without the cartoon elements of Bobble. Click here for Video

It is Giphy allows you to take a photo of yourself, a friend, your cat, or really any object you want to turn into a sticker, draw a line around the main subject (in this case, your face), and Giphy will convert it into an interactive sticker using the animations you select. The website is a lot of fun, and you can share your GIFs with a variety of messaging services, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessage on an iPhone. It is one of the best Bitmoji alternatives.
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Emoji Face

EmojiFace is a fantastic, albeit iOS-only, app that can transform your selfies into some pretty cool (and truly bizarre) emoticons. The app works reasonably well and is available for free (in-app purchases are required for some sticker collections).

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. After creating an emoji with your face, you can share it with your friends via virtually any major social networking (or messaging) platform.

The emoji face is sent as a photo rather than as a “true emoji,” which is not uncommon. Simply take a selfie when the app is launched. The software then recognizes your face and prompts you to add emojis to your eyes, nose, lips, and other facial features.


Another excellent app for creating stickers from your selfies is Emoji. You can easily add stickers to your collection using the app. by clicking on an image of yourself or an item. That you want to turn into a sticker, tracing off the desired portion and adding a label.

With a single tap, you can share any sticker you’ve created with a variety of apps. Including chat apps like Allo and WhatsApp, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The app is ideal if all you want to do is create a sticker of your face or another object. You can do this quickly and easily with its assistance, and then distribute it wherever you want.


the face is a program similar to Bitmoji that allows you to quickly and easily create characters to post on social media. or send via messaging services. When the program first launches, you can choose whether to create a male or female avatar.

You can then easily create an avatar by selecting features such as the face (including hairdo).Hair color, ear shape, eye shape, and much more. You also have a variety of outfits and accessories to choose from.

When you’re finish, you can share the avatar on various social media sites and chat apps, or save it to your gallery. The software is simple to use, and you can create a fantastic avatar for yourself in no time. FaceQ, unlike Bitmoji, does not generate stickers, GIFs, or other content based on your avatar. The avatar, on the other hand, can be completely customize by adding personalize speech bubbles and texts. It is yet another app that compensates you for walking.



Because SuperMii and FaceQ are nearly identical, they are both very comparable to Bitmoji alternatives. SuperMii, along with some extremely unique accessories, allows you to create cartoon replicas of yourself. Although the design of the app is out, the functionality is still excellent.

Simply select the gender of the avatar you require, followed by the features you desire, such as attitudes, hairstyles, and face shape. The program, like Bitmoji, generates attractive cartoon avatars, but it does not generate personalized stickers based on your avatar.

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