What brand of pajamas is good, teach you how to choose summer pajamas

brand of pajamas

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the change of pajamas can be described as earth-shaking. From close-fitting autumn clothes and long pants to modern people’s wardrobes, there are usually three or five sets of pajamas of different styles and textures, which are hung in the wardrobe refreshingly, so everyone knows that pajamas should be How to choose the best pajama?

First of all, we look at how to choose pajamas according to the fabric:

Cotton pajamas.

The ideal pajamas are knitted pajamas, because this pajamas are light, soft, and elastic. The best raw material texture is cotton fabric or cotton-based synthetic fibers. Because cotton is highly hygroscopic, it can absorb sweat well from the skin.

Cotton pajamas are soft, breathable, and reduce skin irritation. Unlike man-made fibers, cotton does not cause allergies and itching, so this kind of clothing is the most comfortable to wear close to the body. Don’t miss the Boden NHS discount

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The style should be selected with sufficient width.

The back and front panels of the pajamas should have sufficient width and must not be too small or just right. Because when you sleep with tight chest, abdomen and back, you will have terrible nightmares. In addition, pajamas should also be easy to put on, take off and wash.

Choose a light color.

Elegant and light colors are suitable for family wear and have a calming effect on the eyes, while bright red and bright blue pajamas will affect people’s relaxation and rest. Therefore, the color of pajamas is appropriate to choose a variety of pink, such as pink, powder green, blue and beige.

silk pajamas

Genuine silk has a soft luster, lightness and softness, and a drapey feel. The chemical fiber fabric luster is not soft, bright and dazzling. Silk fibers are slender and long, cotton fibers are short, and wool has curls. The uniformity of chemical fibers is good.

Silk feels soft, smooth and comfortable close to the skin. There will be wrinkles when placed, so there is a saying that “no wrinkle is not silk”.

Silk smells of burning feathers when burning, it is difficult to continue burning, and it will self-extinguish. Ashes are brittle, brittle, fluffy, and black. Rayon (Viscose) has a chemical smell mixed with burning paper when it is burned. Burns very fast. The ashes have no ash except the dull ones, with a small amount of gray-black ash in between.

Cotton and polyester have a very weak sweetness when they are burned, and they do not continue to burn directly or slowly, and the ashes are hard and round, in the shape of beads. Both cotton and hemp have the smell of burning paper, and the ashes are soft and dark gray. Wool burns about the same as silk. Visually you can see that the two are different.

tulle nightdress

When choosing, you should choose a skirt with a slightly puffed skirt, or a loose-fitting suspender gauze skirt that does not emphasize the waist too much.

The tulle nightdress is relatively simple to choose. Mainly look at the style and color, you can. The pattern of the tulle nightdress is best to be simple, otherwise the visual sense will be very messy. 

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How to buy pajamas?

1. Sling pajamas

It is mostly used in summer. Due to the hot summer, sweat often wets people’s underwear. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem of sweating and consider the appearance, so the suspender pajamas appeared. The texture of suspender pajamas mainly includes silk, spun silk, cotton and linen blends and pure cotton. Pajamas made of these materials are sweat-absorbent and not close to the body. The elegant feeling is indeed fascinating.

2. Split pajamas

The biggest advantage is that it is comfortable to wear and easy to move. Most women at home are willing to choose this style of pajamas. The style of the split pajamas is mainly reflected in the change of the collar type of the top. The collar type of the small suit is the most common type of collar. The loose design and the two large pockets fully reflect the practical value. Another beauty of the lapel design of the suit is that the woman’s neck is exposed, so that women at home can decorate the neck with a new look. It is easy to clean and eliminates the disadvantage of wearing a pullover. In addition to the style of Konishi lapel, the style of lapel shirt is also the most common. The collar brand of pajamas increase the flexibility of neck modification. The buttons located on the neck can be tied or unbuttoned, which looks casual, but is actually unique. Especially in order to match this year’s Year of the Dragon, some brands have drawn the auspicious pattern of the dragon and the phoenix on the front of the jacket, integrating the charm of national culture into the clothing.

3. One-piece nightgown

In the family of brand of pajamas pajamas, the one that appeared earlier and was called pajamas was probably even this one-piece nightgown. The appearance of the one-piece nightgown not only makes people’s clothing and accessories work and home, but also shows that people’s living standards have indeed improved.

Brand of Pajamas should be too big and not too small

Of course, the clothes you sleep in are not the same as the clothes you wear. Sleeping is the only time to relax. Therefore, don’t have any other unnecessary thoughts. Sleep comfortably. When you wear pajamas, you should wear looser clothes, so that your body is in the clothes. There is enough room to stretch.

If brand of pajamas pajamas are too small, the chest, abdomen and back will be restrained, and the bound body cannot get normal breathing and stretching, especially the heart. Excessive compression of the heart has a great negative impact on physical health. Therefore, the size of pajamas should be large and not small, even if it is just right, it is not recommended.


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