Choice Home Warranty Review

Choice Home Warranty has received praise from customers for its straightforward plans, competitive costs and attentive service staff. However, certain restrictions exist within its coverages such as not covering items with preexisting conditions that were known or unknown prior to joining and needing maintenance records to approve claims approvals.

Choice’s customer support line offers 24/7 coverage to answer questions or file claims for customers, with representatives available around the clock to take calls from customers.


Choice Home Warranty George Foreman may not offer free plans, but customers have many ways of saving money with their policy. One such way is paying their annual plan in one lump payment without incurring a monthly fee and adding optional coverage terms such as pool and spa protection.

Choice Home Warranty’s cost of coverage is relatively reasonable when compared to other home warranties. There are two plans, Basic and Total, both starting at $560 annually for service fee and any add-on costs.

Choice Home Warranty stands out with their competitive prices and generous cancellation policy, offering to refund your fee within 30 days if you cancel without filing claims. Unfortunately, however, their contracts include language that’s less than consumer-friendly, such as mandating that you waive your right to seek attorney’s fees or consequential damages from them.


Choice Home Warranty offers several plans designed to meet the unique needs of homeowners. Their Basic plan costs $44 monthly while their Total plan costs $50 monthly; in both instances there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee. When filing a claim with Choice, an on-call service professional is assigned locally to inspect damaged appliances or systems and determine if repairs can be made or if replacement will be necessary.

Choice’s coverage limits are below average for home warranties, providing only $3,000 worth of repairs within any 12-month period. According to their user agreement, however, this amount should not be seen as an alternative to home insurance and does not apply to preexisting damage.

Choice Home Warranty’s online quote tool is functional but lacks many customization or comparison features. Furthermore, its flat service fee for filing claims could deter some homeowners. Furthermore, alternative energy systems like solar panels do not fall under its coverage.

Customer service

Choice Home Warranty may not offer a mobile app, but their website is still easy to navigate and their customer service phone number is open 24 hours per day–even on holidays! Using their online account center’s chat feature you can also communicate directly with one of their representatives.

Choice Home Warranty’s claim process is similar to other home warranties; customers can file claims online or over the phone. However, unlike most warranties, Choice charges a fixed service fee which may limit flexibility for certain homeowners.

Reviewers of Choice Insurance have complained of its slow responses in authorizing repairs or providing replacement appliances, while its contracts often misrepresent coverage, especially regarding roof leaks and heating systems, leading to frustration and disappointment among policyholders. Luckily, Choice does offer an arbitration option should they disagree with its terms and conditions.

Claim process

Choice Home Warranty assigns a local service professional during its claim process to inspect any damaged items and assess if repairs can be performed; otherwise, cash compensation equal to an estimate replacement cost is offered instead.

Customers should be aware that the claims process for an insurance company may take several weeks – this is particularly applicable to items like septic systems and stand-alone freezers, which fall outside its scope of coverage.

Many customers of Choice Home Warranty (CHW) have praised its customer service representatives’ speed in responding to claims and scheduling appointments with local technicians, but there have also been allegations about denied repairs and deceptive pricing practices. Furthermore, in 2019, Arizona Attorney General filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against CHW alleging unfair payment caps and contract exclusions which has continued ongoing; should you experience similar practices from CHW, FairShake can assist in filing legal complaints against it on your behalf.

Customer reviews

CHW offers two simple plans that are both straightforward and competitively priced, including providing customers with a sample contract to help them fully comprehend their coverage. Unfortunately, however, some policies of the company are not consumer friendly, with complaints of denied repairs due to preexisting conditions from customers.

Choice Home Warranty has handled millions of claims through their basic plan system since opening for business only five years ago, yet it still faces complaints with the Better Business Bureau and lawsuits filed by consumers who do not trust this service. Therefore, consumers must thoroughly research this company before opting to use its services.

CHW’s customer support team may be responsive, yet customers have reported having to wait several days or weeks before being seen by one of its technicians. Furthermore, customers must sign a waiver that waives their legal representation rights; additionally, CHW does not cover termite and pest infestations as commonly offered through home warranties.

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