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Strengthen educator success with easy-to-use tools that enhance teaching, learning, collaboration and productivity. Classroom 6x is an amazing online gaming platform for teachers that requires no download and provides access to an extensive library of flash based games!

Learn to Fly 3 is an educational game designed for players of all ages that combines engaging gameplay, challenging puzzles and valuable learning opportunities into one engaging package. In this article we’ll look at strategies and tips for using Learn to Fly 3 safely and responsibly in gaming environments.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are at the core of every productive lesson. They allow teachers to pre-arrange materials and student supplies before class and clearly outline learning objectives for that period. Teachers then share these objectives with their students prior to their lessons to keep them engaged and ensure success in class. SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based) objectives should be used when setting objectives – without unnecessary jargon – learning objectives must also be achievable by students themselves.

Procedure is the second element of a lesson plan and describes how teachers will introduce and present new information to their students. For instance, this could include activities, reading assignments, or hands-on projects. Teachers also provide instructions for how they will assess student performances; this allows teachers to assess how well their students mastered curriculum materials while teaching formative assessments in future lessons that don’t receive grades but instead help enhance understanding.


Assessments can assist teachers in planning for the future by giving students feedback about their current level of understanding. This allows a teacher to identify where a student may be falling behind and put into place strategies of support to ensure they meet their learning outcomes.

Formative assessments in classrooms provide continuous feedback that informs instructional practice. Classroom 6x formative assessments offer more accurate depictions of students’ achievement than end-of-unit tests or large scale exams that don’t capture real-time, ongoing data.

While many teachers use traditional forms of assessment, they may lack the skills and tools needed to use them effectively. With assessment becoming increasingly associated with competitive rankings of schools, teachers, and students it can be easy to lose sight of its reciprocal relationship between teaching and assessment.

Google Sites

Google Sites is a simple drag and drop website builder designed for ease of use, offering users a way to work collaboratively or individually without the need for complex programming skills. Users can create personal websites, wikis, project sites or use it fully integrated with Google Drive (link is external).

Google offers several eye-catching templates as starting points, although you will likely require adding content and pages to make the website fit your vision.

The portal template can help you easily create an intranet or company wiki, while the project template helps organize information about team projects. Both of these websites provide a great way for collaborating on large group documents and communicating across large distances, while editing privileges allow anyone with editing access to quickly edit them as needed. They can even link directly with Google Calendar events so attendees know about upcoming meetings or events.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an industry-leading platform designed to facilitate digital learning for teachers and their students. As a free resource, educators can leverage various tools that support differentiation online to meet students where they are in their learning journeys.

Students can access assignments through the classroom website, mobile app or their personal Gmail accounts. Students may join classes by using either their class code or an invite link found on a teacher’s homepage; students then work collaboratively in real time together on assignments while teachers receive notifications and responses instantly.

Teachers can utilize Classroom to easily create rubrics that automatically apply to student assignments, providing them with a more holistic assessment of student learning across disciplines like collaboration and communication. Administrators and curriculum coaches can also utilize this tool for organizing staff notes, announcements, documents, resources as well as anonymous questionnaires for professional development feedback.


Science is a subject that demands adept problem-solving skills and deep understanding of nature, essential to developing sustainable practices that benefit humanity. Therefore, providing students with different learning styles to foster exploration of this subject.

Classroom 6x offers an engaging platform that blends gaming with learning at a time when educational platforms are realizing the need for edutainment. Classroom 6x aims to revolutionize education by engaging students as active participants who eagerly undertake learning adventures and overcome obstacles.

An elegant game dashboard-esque interface welcomes learners, enabling them to personalize their avatars for an authentic online space experience. Progress bars and challenges help learners stay on track, while community voting helps foster connections and trust between members of this online space. A wide selection of games ensures learners will find something fun to engage in; and “Latest Additions” ensures it remains fresh.

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