Why you Must Pursue CMA Course in India?

Why you must pursue CMA course in India

Passing the CMA examinations requires considerable dedication and effort. However, let’s not overlook the benefits one might receive upon course completion. The CMA course is becoming one of the most chosen courses in India. 

The CMA program offers proficiency in finance, allowing individuals to pursue more and better professional options than would otherwise be feasible.

It provides access to prospects for success in the world of finance in India and abroad. It will also increase your chances of securing top-level management employment, which may advance your career. Furthermore, the average CMA salary in India is Rs. 83,000 per month. 

Check the complete article to know the benefits of the CMA course and why you should pursue this course. But first, let us check out the CMA course details.

CMA Course Details

The full form of CMA is Cost and Management Accounting. The course revolves around accounting, financial, and managerial skills that every business need. There are twenty topics/subjects covered in this course. These subjects and topics are financial analysis, auditing, taxation, laws & ethics, management techniques, cost, and accounting.

Furthermore, there are three levels in the Cost and Management Accountant course, these are: 

  • Level 1 – CMA Foundation
  • Level 2 – CMA Intermediate
  • Level 3 – CMA Final

So students must finish all the CMA levels to get certified in Cost Management Accounting. The CMA course duration is typically between three and four years. However, the duration may vary based on various variables such as the ability to learn, enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication.

The CMA Eligibility is as follows:

For CMA Foundation:

  • Candidates must pass the 10 and 12 or equivalent exams.

CMA Intermediate:

  • Students must also clear the CMA Foundation.
  • Received a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline except Fine Arts. 

CMA Finals:

  • Cleared CMA Intermediate
  • Received a Bachelor’s degree in any stream except Fine Arts. 
Exam NameCMA
Full FormCost & Management Accountant
CMA Course durationTypically 3-4 years, depending on the student’s preparation level and number of attempts taken
Number Of Exam Levels3 Levels
Name Of LevelsLevel 1 – CMA FoundationLevel 2 – CMA IntermediateLevel 3 – CMA Final
EligibilityCompleting 10+2 with at least a 50 per cent average in commerce from a recognized board of education.
Number of Subjects20CMA Foundation – 4 SubjectsCMA Intermediate – 8 Subjects (four subjects in each group)CMA Final – 8 Subjects (four subjects in each group)

You can check the official ICMAI website or VSI Jaipur website to get all the details of the CMA course in India. 

5 Benefits Of the CMA Course

There are numerous CMA benefits in career progression, job opportunities, recognition, salary, workplace, and more. For now, let’s look at five major CMA certification benefits. 

1. CMA is the Gold Standard for Management Accounting.

CMA is a highly regarded certification. Moreover, it is regarded as the “gold standard” in management accounting, indicating it is among the most prestigious certifications. Further, it is the credential with the fastest growth rate worldwide. Many individuals are highly motivated by the desire to hold the top title in this profession.

2. Global Job Opportunities for CMA Candidates

The CMA course has international recognition. Therefore, if you want to work overseas, CMA certification may add value to your resume. It will allow you to easily apply for employment in the Middle East, the USA, and other nations where the CMA salaries are much higher. Since few individuals enrol in CMA courses, competitiveness is also low, and with dedication and hard work, you can quickly clear the exams.

3. Excellent Growth Potential

Students who pass the CMA examination and get CMA certification receive superior knowledge, skills, and abilities. They possess the necessary skill set to help companies thrive in the competitive marketplace. In addition, the top management provides appropriate remuneration, responsibilities, and promotions.

Even for entry-level positions, individuals earn a competitive remuneration package and have good career opportunities. Hence, earning the CMA certification unlocks several additional prospects.

Also, the training makes you a competitive candidate with the skills to negotiate for better positions at prominent firms.

4. More Command and Respect

The CMA course will equip your understanding of business, finances, and accounting. As a qualified management accountant, you will grasp the objective of work and be able to do it with greater efficiency and speed.

Further, your company will appreciate your input, and you will join the management team soon. Consequently, possessing a CMA certification will boost your value as an employee. Additionally, you will participate in the management’s critical decision-making process and guide the company towards success and better growth opportunities. 

5. The Demand for CMAs will only Grow

Several industries and government bodies in India and internationally have an ongoing need for skilled, trained, and professional cost accountants. Further, most firms in India and overseas favour CMA graduates for employment since they are competent in their related disciplines. 

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So this is all the relevant details about the CMA Course. With the growing demand for CMAs and better remuneration, earning a CMA certification is a great option. Hence, if you are planning for CMA, VSI Jaipur can help you with the preparation process.

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