Everything You Need To Know About PCR Testing

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PCR tests, also known as the polymerase chain reaction test, diagnose genetic material from pathogens or abnormal cell samples.  The PCR test allows researchers to make copies of a small batch of DNA or RNA. So, It is also known as molecular photocopying.  Health experts used PCR tests to determine quick and accurate ways to diagnose genetic changes for infectious diseases that can cause health issues.  

What is a PCR test?

 Like most other tests, PCR tests can efficiently find evidence of disease in the trial stages of the infection. PCR tests can detect disease when there is only a very small or minor amount of pathogen present in your body. A PCR test plays a very important role in the prevention of the spreading of a grave disease.

How is the PCR test used? 

PCR tests are used to: 

  • Determine or diagnose several infectious diseases.
  •  Identify a recognized genetic change that can lead to disease.
  • Figure the small number of cancerous cells that are present in the body that might be missed by other kinds of tests.

 How does PCR Test work 

PCR test works By the following mechanism: 

  • The first step is to take a sample of your blood, saliva tissue, or mucus. 
  • The sample must contain your DNA or the DNA of the pathogen of the cancerous cell. 
  • The sample is put into a special machine. Enzymes known as polymerase are added to the sample. It helps the sample to produce several multiple copies.
  • This coughing mechanism is repeated multiple times. Further, if any virus or pathogen is present, it will be indicated on the machine. 

Uses of PCR test 

Most individuals think that the PCR test is usually used to determine covid-19. But PCR testing has many more medical uses beyond covid-19 testing. So, PCR test can be used to determine and detect pathogens and viruses that can result in diseases such as 

  • Ebola
  •  HIV
  •  Tuberculosis
  •  Hepatitis C
  •  influenza 

Different types of PCR testing 

The difference in PCR tests is based on the sample involved; common types of testing are: 

  • Nasal swabs 

It involves procuring samples by swabbing from the back of the nose and throat. The samples were usually collected from the front part of your nostrils 

  • Nasal mid turbinate swab

It is also known as the NMT swab. It involves taking samples of swabs from deep inside one nostril. Also, It is done by a healthcare professional. 

  •  Saliva

Saliva is collected in a test tube for analysis. 

  •  Blood 

Several PCR tests require the blood samples of an individual that is collected from the vein. A healthcare professional will take a certain amount of blood sample from a vein in your arm with a small needle. 

Why take a PCR test? 

A PCR test can be conducted to determine the presence of pathogens such as cancer cell viruses or any genetic change. 

But if you are moving forward with your PCR test, you must always conduct thorough research about the RT PCR test price in Delhi. So, It will help you determine and know more about the test price around your region. You may be asked to do a PCR test for the following reasons:  

  • Symptoms of covid-19 
  • Been in close contact with an individual who has tested positive for covid-19 
  • Been a part of activities that has increased the risk of developing and interaction 
  • Been asked to conduct the test under the advice of a professional physician

Precautions Required For PCR Test 

If you’re looking to get a PCR test to determine any infectious disease or genetic change, no additional precautions are required. Conducting the PCR test usually only takes a couple of minutes. 

To Conclude

PCR tests can be conducted to determine and diagnose a cerebral infectious disease or genetic changes. It also helps in detecting genetic changes, cancer cells, or pathogens present in your body. Hence, PCR test is a fast and accurate diagnostic test to determine infectious diseases and genetic changes. However, If you want to know more about PCR tests, follow through with the article.

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