Features To Consider When Purchasing A Banknote Counter

Features To Consider When Purchasing A Banknote Counter

A note-counting machine is beneficial for cash-based operations and makes for a brilliant investment. Manually counting cash is tedious, time intensive, and prone to errors. Using a note-counting device frees up your time so you can attend to other tasks. 

If you have a business where you have to handle a large amount of cash, you will need to get a money counter. Since there are multiple machines available in the market, which one should you choose? Typically, it depends on the business and the requirements. For instance, you may need if your fake note detection machine as per your need. 

Thus, this post intends to introduce you to a few features that you must consider while choosing a note-counting machine. After considering these points, you can make an informed decision. 

Counting Speed

The biggest reason you are considering getting a money counting machine is to reduce the amount of time spent counting your cash manually. The counting speed of such devices depends on the type of hooper and its size. The hooper determines how many notes the machine can process at a time. A large hopper allows you to process more notes and vice versa. Also, the type of hooper the device has matters. There are two types: front and back feed hoppers. Front feeders are the most user-friendly of the two as they are easier and quicker to load. 

Error and Counterfeit Detection

Accuracy is an essential aspect of any note-counting machine. You are likely to make a few errors while counting notes with your hand, and using this device is meant to reduce the frequency and severity of these errors. Most note-counting machines have error detection features such as identifying feeding mistakes and miscounts.

On the same note, you should also get a note-counting machine that can detect fake notes. The counterfeit detection is just as vital as businesses lose billions yearly due to counterfeiting. If you deal with lots of cash, having a fake note detection machine will enable you to verify that your money is genuine. Some counterfeit detection models have ultraviolet, magnetic, infrared, and dimensional counterfeit detection features. These ensure all notes are verified and authentic.

Recognition Efficiency

This refers to the ability of the counter to recognise the banknote images. This capability is especially important if you handle older, more worn-out, folded, or stained notes. The machine you pick should easily recognise the images on the notes to accurately determine the value and type of currency. 

Valuing, Batching, and Adding Features

Valuing, batching, and adding are also highly sought-after features in a note-counting machine. Value counting provides you with the total number of notes and value by denomination. Batching allows you to create predetermined note batch sizes. Simply input the batch number before counting, and the machine will count them until the determined batch number. The device will automatically stop until you remove the counted notes, then automatically continue. Adding allows you to continuously add to a note count. This is excellent if you want to go on adding to the original note count from separate hooper stacks. 

Mixed Notes handling

This feature eliminates the need to pre-sort notes and count each denomination separately. With mixed note value detection, the note-counting machine will automatically identify the note’s denomination, distinguish it and add it to the final note tally accordingly. This feature is especially helpful if you process large amounts of cash, such as in a bank.

Price Range

Since you are dealing with money, it is only prudent to consider the note counting machine’s price. This is notably relevant if you are on a budget or have a price range. Once you have landed on a particular model, shop around and even look online to find the best price. That said, the more features a machine has, the pricier it gets. 

Multi-currency Detection

If you have international clients or deal with many different currencies, it pays to have a note-counting machine that accurately identifies and organises foreign currencies. Devices with this feature can automatically detect the differences between some commonly traded currencies. However, even if your machine cannot do this, some come with a value-counting feature. This feature allows you to pre-set values to differentiate between various currencies. 

A note-counting machine can be a great asset to any business. Picking a suitable one will depend mainly on what you need. For instance, how many notes do you need to be processed daily? What industry are you in? Do you deal with different currencies? What is your budget? Etc. These questions, plus the features listed here, will guide you in making the right choice. 

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