Halloween Business Strategy for Your Small Business

skeleton used as Halloween Business Strategy for Your Small Business

When considering holiday marketing strategies, Halloween may not be the first holiday that comes to mind. However, it is one that should be on your list, particularly if you are a local business. It may not be as big as Christmas or the Cyber Five

days, but it is still significant. However, your company can still participate in all of the spooky fun while also increasing brand awareness and reaping numerous benefits. To get you started, here is a few Halloween Business Strategy for Your Small Business:

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Participate in your neighborhood’s community’s Trick-or-Treat Night

You can participate in your community’s trick-or-treat night whether you are a local brick-and-mortar store or an online-only business. And also, if you want to inform people about your event, use these Halloween Flyer Templates.

Become a Trick-or-Treat location.

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If you have a physical location and expect trick-or-treaters to pass by, open your doors on trick-or-treat night and become a stop on the community route. Adults can receive candy or swag attached to their business card, while children can receive candy or small toys. You can also have small bags printed with your logo and fill them with candy, or you can make branded candy bars to distribute. ventssmagazine

If your brand is more creative, there are always options for toys, stickers, stuffed animals, and other items that allow you to provide something cool that fits your brand. If your business is in the middle of the community route, you could even set up a relief station and distribute water bottles with your logo on the wrapper like counter display boxes.

Organize a Haunted House

To run a haunted house, use a section of your own building, set up a pop-up, or collaborate with a community sponsor. This can be a fun way to participate in your community’s Halloween festivities and trick-or-treat night.

This allows your company to begin establishing relationships with people and other businesses in the community. It is networking in a space that you have created that is also appealing to your customers. How you approach it is determined by your objectives and customer base.

You could raise funds for a local charity by collecting donations for admission to the haunted house. Then, in the end, you can provide a small treat bag with your business card or logo attached. Give something extra in exchange for joining your email list or dropping a business card on the way out. storyretelling

In addition to the haunted house, you can use social media to gain additional benefits outside of the event itself. Set up a table outside the exit and run a giveaway encouraging people to take selfies with a dedicated branded hashtag for a chance to win. You’ll benefit from UGC (user-generated content), increased social media engagement, increased traffic to your site, and, if done correctly, some leads for your business.https://www.testyfest.us/

Run or support a face painting station.

Face painting is popular among both children and adults, so consider hosting or sponsoring a face painting station during your community’s Halloween festivities. You can even enlist the help of local artists.

The kids will have a great time, and parents may decide to join in on the fun and get their faces painted as well. Furthermore, if the face-painting station is in your store, parents may end up browsing while they wait. You could even offer a free Halloween transformation with the purchase if you can get a makeup artist and a hairstylist on board.

Organize a Costume Contest

There are several ways to use a costume contest to benefit your business.

One suggestion is to encourage employees to dress up.

Take pictures, promote them on social media, and then ask your fans and followers to vote for the one they like best by liking, retweeting, and so on, as well as sharing their own costumes with you.
You can also completely shift the focus to your customers and encourage user-generated content. The picture with the most likes, retweets, and so on would win the contest. However, in this case, your customers are the ones who provide the content.

For each of these choices, you may have giveaways in which the costume contest winner receives a reward and a fortunate voter receives a prize as well. You may encourage more participation by providing additional entries to individuals who share the contest with their friends.

Team Up for a Good Cause

Halloween is notorious for its spookiness, mischief, and macabre, but it’s also a perfect time to collaborate with a local charity for a good cause.

Collaborate with a local charity to create a zombie walk/run, an autumn festival, a Halloween concert with local musicians, a movie night in the park, or a similar fundraising event.

Participate by setting up a table at the event with some goodies, such as branded water bottles, reusable cups with your logo on them filled with hot apple cider, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and so on.

This is an excellent method to get your company engaged in the community, raise brand awareness, and develop a positive brand reputation.

A “spookified” logo is a little modification that can have a significant impact. Interactive ghosts, zombies, or other components on your site may provide an entertaining user experience while also increasing user engagement.

Take advantage of limited-time offers.

Holidays are a traditional time for businesses to provide promotions, incentives, coupons, special discounts, and other promotional items. Halloween is another excellent occasion to create a limited-time deal. Scarcity, social proof, FOMO, and commitment are all principles that limited time offers work on.

The Principle of Scarcity

The scarcity principle states that humans place a higher value on anything that is, or appears to be, scarce. We desire what it appears we cannot have – just look at the “Black Friday” frenzy.

Also, when was the last time you looked at a product on Amazon or added it to your wishlist and it said how few were left? Amazon is using the scarcity concept in its marketing to persuade customers to buy.

Social Proof

Other concepts that contribute to the scarcity effect include social proof, FOMO, and commitment. If a product is only accessible for a limited period of time, especially if it is sold out or has a low inventory, it is frequently considered as a high-quality product. After all, if everyone else is buying it, it must be wonderful, and I should acquire it now while I still can – that’s social evidence.


We have grown nervous about disconnecting in an always-connected environment; what if we miss something entertaining or interesting?

FOMO is the dread, anxiety, or nervousness that you will miss out on an exciting or intriguing event that is taking place someplace else.

When a limited-time deal is on the table, FOMO may kick in and encourage customers to take advantage of it while they can so they don’t miss out.


Commitment, at least in the field of social psychology, is when someone has committed to something, such as purchasing a product, discovers they cannot have it, and then desires the object much more.

If you have a rewards or loyalty program, double the number of points your customers may earn for activities taken within a certain time period.

Limited-Time Offers: Pokémon GO Halloween Event

Years later, it remains popular all around the world. Aside from already having a committed audience among Pokémon brand aficionados, the app has also engaged users with real-life events as well as limited-time deals and activities within the game.

Every year, Pokémon GO’s Halloween Event takes advantage of limited-time deals. The event sent the app back to the top of the “highest-grossing” app statistics in its first year. In the years afterward, the event has helped draw back users to the game, increased engagement with the app by rewarding players for their activity, and increased income earned by the app through in-app sales of limited-time packages.

However, you do not need an app or a rewards program to make this strategy work for you. Offer a limited-time BOGO (buy one, get one free), 50% off, or other useful deals to consumers who visit your business, join your email list, suggest a friend, make a purchase, etc.

Send an Interactive Direct Mail

Although some believe that print is dead, direct mail may still be an effective marketing tool. Sure, sending out a large number of printed pieces to everyone generally leads in low response rates, but what about marketing something relevant to your target demographic that is also well-designed? This can protect your campaign from going to waste and result in a considerably higher response rate.

Direct mail is preferred by 92% of young shoppers for making purchase decisions, with the figure average at 67% across all ages. But you also don’t want to exclude email from your plan. When engaging with customers, 51% prefer organizations to utilize a combination of direct mail and email.

Send out a creepy postcard with a promotional scratch-off. Click here, take it a step further by incorporating it into your marketing efforts by linking it to a unique Halloween experience on your website using a personalized URL, QR code, or beacon technology.

Make a Halloween-Themed Email Series

When done correctly, email is an excellent marketing tactic, especially around the holidays. A spooky email series may take your Halloween marketing to the next level, whether you mix it with a direct mail promotion or develop a separate email campaign.

Consider this: an estimated 91% of customers check email on their cellphones at least once a day, and email has a 66% conversion rate for online consumers when it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message.

Make a Halloween-themed email series to take your readers on an adventure. Create a “choose your own adventure” autoresponder series that leads them through a spooky house, a graveyard, a zombie apocalypse, and so on.

You may promote campaign participation by providing little prizes during the campaign and a larger reward at the conclusion. Incentive them vouchers or points in exchange for their involvement, with a significant limited-time offer at the conclusion. Take it a step further by providing a referral benefit to broaden the reach of your campaign and generate more leads.

Create Halloween product bundles.

Product bundles are an excellent method to provide an appealing offer to your clients and increase purchases. To transform this strategy into a Halloween marketing idea, bundle your items into distinct fall and Halloween themes.

Depending on the items you have, you may categorize them as vampires, zombies, pirates, ghosts, and so on. Though this strategy is particularly effective for fashion and textile firms, it may also be used for food providers and other sector verticals.

Create a Social Media Scavenger Hunt for Halloween.

Social networking is an excellent method to communicate with potential clients at any time of year, but especially around holidays or themes. Create a buzz about your company and engage people by conducting a social media treasure hunt.

Post a sequence of hints on your preferred channels or across many networks. You may also use an integrated strategy and spread the hints across many media. Once a consumer has all of the jigsaw pieces, offer them a special promotional code that they can use in-store or on your website to get a discount or anything for free.

Customers might also be given actual cues to find throughout town. Share photos of the hints on social media to let people know where to go. Then, bring them into your business to finish the quest with a gift card or voucher.

You may encourage clients to explore your retail site by designing a treasure map for them to follow. They’ll get something unique at each station, as well as a gift card or other award for finishing the tour. Promote the activity on social media to promote foot traffic and engagement in your business.

This Halloween marketing strategy ingeniously connects social media and fun activities together to promote your business, whether it’s a poem, a riddle, or a treasure hunt, online, offline, or both.

Create a Halloween Event Guide for Your Area

Making a guide to all of the area’s Halloween attractions and activities, whether online, in print, or both, may really assist your brand.

It’s a terrific way to advertise, whether you’re organizing your own event, collaborating with someone, or supporting anything. Furthermore, you will be providing very valuable information that visitors to your site may download and share on social media. You might be able to gain a few quality backlinks for your website if you plan your PR outreach properly.

Make Halloween-themed content available.

There are several options to post Halloween-themed material, regardless of your sector or business. And also consider these Halloween Flyer Templates for Social Media: Images, quotations, photographs, and other content with a Halloween theme are excellent ways for practically any company to participate in the Halloween festivities.

Halloween-themed blog entries can also be more imaginative. Another alternative is to develop content that focuses on “horror” fails or repercussions that are relevant to your sector and target audience, as well as some useful suggestions on what to avoid and how to “keep safe.

Create a Special Edition Halloween Product

You may combine product development and a limited offer by designing a limited-edition Halloween product for Halloween or any other event. Limited-edition Halloween-themed goods are common among food and beverage, fashion, and textile companies. Creating a whole new themed product may not be appropriate for every business, but with some creative messaging and/or packaging, almost any firm can make this technique work for them.

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