Hexagonal Broaches

Hexagonal Broaches

exagon broaches are designed to produce a hole with a hexagon shape in one pass. They are used for a variety of applications and can be found in a range of common metric sizes, ranging from 4mm to 25mm. These broaches are available with a variety of coatings, including TiN or TiAlN. They can also be custom-ordered to fit your unique requirements.

The best starting hexagonal broach for a beginner is made of materials that have a HRC 38 hardness. You should avoid harder materials like stainless steel because they can break easily. Also, when using hexagonal broaches, you must make sure that you use proper support for the machine. Also, lubrication will reduce friction and help to remove the chips. Also, a file will come in handy if you need to square corners.

Hexagonal broaches are used to create holes in metal products. A pilot hole is drilled first before using a hexagonal broach. These broaches come in different sizes so it is important to determine the size you need. Hexagonal broaches are available in both imperial and metric sizes. A metric hex broach will be more accurate and easier to use. These tools are designed for heavy-duty work and are available in a variety of sizes.

A rotary hex broach is another type of hexagonal broach. It is a machine tool that rotates around the work piece to create a shape. These are a good choice for creating keyways, which are difficult to create with a traditional broach. These tools are highly accurate, versatile, and reduce auxiliary costs. There are several benefits to purchasing a rotary hexagonal broach. They can also cut many other shapes and have various applications.

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