How do SSC CGL officers get promoted by the Staff Selection Commission?

Each applicant considers their preferred posts and any potential promotions linked with them when completing the SSC CGL online application form. As is well known, the SSC offers the chance to work as a gazetted officer. Each applicant will so need to have a thorough understanding of each position. We at VidyaGuru, the leading SSC CGL coaching in Delhi, will ensure that you will get information on the promotional opportunities for every SSC CGL posting so that each of you will be aware of the post specifics and career path connected with each post.

Please read the details below regarding post-by-post promotions for each position as stated in the SSC CGL announcement.

1. Inspector / Examiner (CBEC)

The commodities must be examined by an inspector, who is also an examiner, in order to confirm that the necessary taxes are being collected while transferring goods into or out of a port.

Order of promotions:

Deputy Commissioner, Joint Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Appraiser (Group-B gazetted officer), and Commissioner.

2. Income tax Inspector (ITI)

The task of the income tax inspector is to verify, examine, and process the tax records of both people and corporations. They analyse, check, and process IT records belonging to people and companies. They must take on the duties of manipulating tax deductions at source (TDS).

Order of promotions:

An income tax officer becomes an assistant commissioner, who then becomes a deputy commissioner, a joint commissioner, a further commissioner, and finally a commissioner.

3. Preventive Officer

The role of a preventive officer is to gather data and implement corrective measures to stop malpractices.

Order of promotions:

Customs Superintendent, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, and finally Commissioner.

4. Central Excise Inspector (CBEC)

An inspector from the CBEC examines tax returns submitted by businesses to confirm the validity of the claims.

Promotional hierarchy:

Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Commissioner

5. Sub Inspector (CBI)

The Sub Inspector looks into cases of corruption and other offences.

Promotional hierarchy:

Inspector (after minimum 5 years), Vice Superintendent (after 10-12 years), Chief Executive (after 5-7 years), senior chief executive

6. Assistant Section Officer (CSS)

They would write notes, reports, and other documents to deliver to their superiors.

Promotional hierarchy:

Divisional Officer (In 5 years by taking departmental examination, In 10 years by usual path), After four years of service, the succession is Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and Director.

7. Divisional Accountant (CAG)

A divisional accountant examines the costs incurred for state government programmes.

Promotional hierarchy:

Deputy Divisional Account Officer II — Deputy Divisional Account Officer I —Officer, Senior Divisional Accounts

8. Assistant in the Ministry of External Affairs (MoEA) – General

The only administrative tasks that an assistant at the MoEA – General performs are typing, creating reports and updates on recent developments, managing files, etc.

Within 1.5 to 2.5 years of enlisting, you will have the opportunity to receive an overseas assignment. In 15–17 years, promotion (without clearing departmental examination) an increase in 8 years (clearing departmental examination)

9.Assistant in Ministry of External Affairs (MoEA) – Cypher

The job of an Assistant in MoEA – Cypher is to decipher files and data transferred over the Internet that contain sensitive information.

Within six years of joining, he has the opportunity for an overseas posting.

Promotional hierarchy:

In five years, the assistant will become an administrative officer (After clearing departmental exam) Administrative Officer to Under Secretary (IFS) for eight years, Deputy Secretary to Director for six years, and Director to Joint Secretary (4 years).

10. Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO)

Similar to an inspector, the tasks of this position include making arrests, searching houses and offices, stopping money laundering and forgery, and more.

Promotional hierarchy:

Deputy Director -> Director -> Director -> Enforcement Officer

11.Assistant (Ministry of Railway)

Nearly all of the duties of an Upper Division Clerk apply to this position.

Promotional List:

Section officer (in 7-8 years if they pass the departmental exam; in 5-6 years if they pass the departmental test) Director -> Undersecretary -> Deputy Secretary

12.Inspector (Department of Post)

Within his sector, a postal inspector is tasked with overseeing 60 to 70 post offices. He works with two mail overseers to grow the company at the designated post offices. Additionally, he interviews Gramin Dak Sevaks.

Promotional hierarchy:

Postal Superintendent, Senior Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent (after passing departmental test in five years). 

13. Auditor – Controller & Auditor General of India (CAG), Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA), Controller General of Accounts (CGA)

An auditor examines India’s general accounts, defence force accounts, and state department expense reports (CAG) (CGA).

Promotional hierarchy:

(After three years of service) Senior Auditor -> AAO (after 2 years of service and clearing departmental exam)

14. Inspector – Central Bureau of Narcotics (CBN)

An inspector maintains an eye on the export and import of illegal drugs and makes sure that no plants are being used unlawfully.

Promotional hierarchy:

Drugs Superintendent, Assistant Drugs Commissioner, Deputy Drugs Commissioner, and Drugs Commissioner

15. Sub-Inspector – CBN

The work description for a CBN Sub Inspector is quite similar to that of a CBN Inspector.

Promotional hierarchy:

Inspector, Superintendent of Narcotics, Assistant Narcotics Commissioner, Deputy Narcotics Commissioner, and Narcotics Commissioner are the subsequent positions.

16. Sub-Inspector – National Investigation Agency (NIA)

The NIA handles matters pertaining to national security, such as travelling, obtaining information, input, and evidence during or after terrorist incidents, etc.

Promotional hierarchy:

Inspector (after minimum 5 years), Superintendent to Deputy Superintendent

17. Statistical Investigator-II

The statistical investigators are in charge of gathering data and turning it into the information needed by government agencies to put plans into action and assess their success.

Promotional hierarchy:

Assistant Director, Deputy Director, Senior Statistical Officer, Joint Director

18. Tax Assistant in CBDT and CBEC (Central Board of Direct Taxation and Central Board of Excise & Customs Taxation)

An individual’s or business entity’s taxes are assessed, verified, and modified by the CBDT tax assistant using information about goods and services.

Promotional hierarchy:

Tax Assistant Senior (3 years), Excise Officer (3-4 years), Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Joint Commissioner, Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Superintendent/Appraiser

19. Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)

The CVC keeps track of all the vigilance operations carried out by various Central government ministries and collects data, updates case files, etc.

Promotional List:

Divisional Officer (In about 7-8 years), Director -> Undersecretary -> Deputy Secretary

20. Assistant in Intelligence Bureau (IB)

The department’s assistants are computer workers who focus on data.

Promotional hierarchy:

Under Secretary, Sectional Officer, and Deputy Secretary

21. Assistant in the Armed Forces Headquarters (AFHQ)

The assistants in this position are in charge of managing, allocating, and coordinating the workload among staff members.

Promotional hierarchy:

After four years, a section officer becomes a deputy director after six years, a joint director after five years, a director after five years, and a principal director after ten years.

22. Accountant/Junior Accountant CGA and CAG (Controller General of Accounts and Comptroller & Auditor General of India)

They perform clerical duties, including passing various bills, wage stipends, and office expenditures. They are in charge of handling GPF and pension-related issues.

Promotional hierarchy:

Advanced Accountant (After 3 years). After passing the AAO exam, become an assistant accounts officer. Then, a principal accounts officer. Then, a senior accounts officer.

23. Upper Division Clerk (Central Govt. Offices/Ministries other than CSCS cadres)

An Upper Division Clerk will verify information, point out inaccuracies and incorrect assertions, call attention to regulations and laws, previous cases, etc.

Promotional hierarchy:

Section Officer -> Assistant Officer

24. Compiler (Registrar General of India)

Statistical divisions are given the compilers. They compile data gathered from a variety of sources. Nearly all of the different job profiles and associated advancement hierarchies have been covered. As a result, you can adjust your preferences to meet your field and needs. These specifics will offer you a general concept of how to quickly examine preference order.

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