How Long Do Idiots Live? The Answer May Surprise You

A recent Norwegian survey found that the average response to the question, “How long would you like to live?” was 91 years. This result is a disturbing indication of the growing tide of stupidity sweeping over those who live for power and pleasure. How long does an idiot live? The answer may surprise you.

Life expectancy of an idiot

Life expectancy of an idiot is a popular meme that captures the human tendency to be stupid. Despite the fact that this meme is only based on averages, it’s a valid question to ask. While the average human life expectancy ranges between 12 and 15 years, the average idiot lives much longer than this figure.

One of the reasons why this meme has become so popular is the fact that an idiot’s average life expectancy is 12 to 15 years. While this is much shorter than the average person, Google estimates that people over six feet tall are about as long-lived as the average idiot. This has made the question, “How long do idiots live?” a popular topic for internet memes. The question has become popular with Gen-Zers in particular.

The average lifespan for Americans is 78 years. But the life expectancy of an idiot is 22 years longer. One German study showed that people with an increased IQ had a 21% greater chance of living past that age. But the study is not conclusive. It’s important to remember that the average human lifespan isn’t necessarily linked to intelligence.

People with mental disabilities and developmental delays are often called “idiots.” Their lifespan varies widely, but it’s always shorter than the average person. A person with Down syndrome or autism, for example, can expect to live only sixty to seventy years. These individuals are considered “idiots” in the medical sense, and need significant amounts of care and attention.

In the wild, idiots don’t live long. They usually die of exposure or starvation. They are also at a disadvantage when competing with other animals. Predation is a common consequence of this, as they are easy targets for predators. A life expectancy of an idiot in the wild is between ten and thirteen years.

This question has become a popular meme and has gained much attention. In fact, many people are discussing the question “How long do idiots live?” and trying to find the best answers. The phrase “Life expectancy of an idiot” has received a lot of attention on YouTube. Users have been posting their own perspectives on the subject.

Average life expectancy of an idiot

The average life expectancy of an idiot is about 50 years. However, this number is not absolute. It depends on a variety of factors. One of them is IQ. People with lower IQs tend to die younger than people with higher IQs. But, there are exceptions to every rule, and some people who are extremely intelligent may live much longer than average.

While the average lifespan of an American is 78 years, there is still a considerable difference between the life expectancy of an idiot and that of a healthy person. A study conducted in Germany found that a higher IQ was associated with a 21% longer life expectancy. This finding was backed by studies conducted in the United States.

The study also found that in Norway, the average response to the question “How long would you like to live?” was 91 years. These results suggest that the number of stupid people is rising and the flood of ignorance will soon overtake everyone else. This trend could be harmful, since many people who are born stupid are often the ones who benefit from power and pleasure.

In western countries, the monetary crisis has resulted in an increase in mindless consumption. People are becoming obsessed with material possessions, and they have little patience for saving or investing. Also, with the advent of technology, it’s much easier to spread the ideas of idiots. As a result, the average life expectancy of an idiot is somewhere in the 12 to 15 year range.

Despite being a funny meme, the average life expectancy of an idiot is closer to that of an average adult. A Google search for websitextra “average life expectancy of an idiot” reveals that a fool’s life expectancy is approximately 12-15 years, although the majority of the population is not moronic. However, it’s still a bizarre concept that’s gaining popularity on the internet.

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