How many songs does BTS have?

How Many Songs Does BTS Have?

After a nine-year career and How Many Songs Does BTS Have?, BTS has established itself as one of the most important K Pop bands in the world today, so it is normal that among the curiosities that people want to know about their music they wonder how many songs they have removed these guys during all this time, especially because the writers of the same are within the group.

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook debuted as BTS in 2013 under Big Hit Music. In 2017 the group entered the global music market, becoming the main Korean promoter. They have managed to break several sales records and became the first Korean artists to top the Billboard 200 chart with ‘Love Yourself: Tear’.

Curiosities about BTS music , how many songs does the band have?

As we mentioned before, the members of BTS have been making music together since 2013, so in nine years the group has managed to release great successes. They currently have more than 32 albums if we count the studio albums, as well as the Japanese versions. and the singles they have released, as well as the compilation album that also includes three new songs .

The songs performed by Jin, Jimin, V, J-Hope, Jungkook, RM and Suga are normally written by the rap line (Suga, RM, J-Hope), however, the other members have also contributed some lyrics. So without counting the individual mixtapes, BTS currently has approximately 250 original songs .

Famous Song

Among the band’s most famous songs are ‘Dynamite’, ‘Butter’, ‘My Universe’ which is a collaboration with Coldplay; and ‘Boy With Luv’ with Halsey. Thanks to their great influence, they were chosen in 2018 to give a speech at the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations. This same year they received the Order of Cultural Merit from the President of South Korea thanks to their important role in the expansion of the country’s culture and language.

BTS has worked too hard to stand out in music worldwide, as shown by the more than 200 original songs they have, from this great repertoire, which one is your favorite? Do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we will share more curiosities about BTS and other of your favorite artists.

What are the 250 BTS songs?
– Intro: Skool Luv Affair.
– Boy In Luv Title
– Skit: Soulmate.
– Where Did You Come From?
– Just One Day.

  • Tomorrow.
    – BTS Cypher Pt.2: Triptych.
    – Spinebreaker.

How many songs does BTS have alone?

21 BTS Solo Songs That Prove How Essential Each Member Is To The Band.

How many songs has Jeon Jungkook composed?
Jungkook (BTS) – LETRAS.COM (30 songs)

What is the name of BTS’s best-known song?

  1. “Dynamite” Opening the list is his hit from last year, “Dynamite,” which is his first all-English single. The song was specially released, as a happy harmony that tries to cheer up ARMY in the middle of the pandemic.

What are the 162 BTS songs?
– Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life.
– I NEED U Title
– Hold Me Tight.
– SKIT: Expectation!
– FunBoys.
– Converse High.
– Move.

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How many songs does BTS have from 2013 to 2021?

How many songs does BTS have today? According to the latest club records, BTS has a total of 250 songs today.

How many songs are BTS together?
According to the latest club records, BTS has a total of 250 songs currently.

What is the most listened to BTS song on Spotify?
BTS’s “Dynamite” Sets Record On Spotify BTS’s “Dynamite”, a free song on Spotify, got a lot of streams recently, amassing 1,296,372,970 streams on the platform, which was enough to surpass “We don’t talk anymore” by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez.

What is the shortest BTS song?
————- Record
Duration Author(s) Producer(s)

How many songs does BTS have altogether?
According to the latest club records, BTS has a total of 250 songs today.

How many songs does BTS currently have?
According to the latest club records, BTS has a total of 250 songs currently. However, the figure only includes original and non-Japanese group themes.

Now, if you add the songs that the septet released in the language of their neighboring country, plus the covers, collaborations, solos and mixtapes by rappers Suga , RM and J-Hope, then the number rises to more than 323 songs. This also translates to almost 24 hours of Bangtan music. Get in touch with us Bentonville Testicle Festival

BTS Underrated Songs

For various reasons, some BTS songs do not enjoy the popularity they deserve. As an example we can cite “Can you turn off your cellphone”, a song from Bangtan’s second year that talks about the impact of technology and social networks on our relationships and minds.

Most famous BTS songs
Without a doubt ARMY will love most of the songs of the famous Koreans, if not all. However, it is undeniable that some receive more attention from fans and the general public. What are these themes?

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