How To Make French Baguette Loaf

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French baguette loaf is considered the most delicious food item in the france. It is very tasty and beautiful in shape. Apart from that, it is yeasty and good. you can make it on your own. In France, Sunday morning will be enjoyed by people through eating such delicious food items.

What French Baguettes Are Made Of?

A French baguette is made of water, flour, yeast and salt. These ingredients make delicious, and beautiful baguettes. Different bakers use the same ingredients but their baguettes are different from each other.

Factors That Define Baguette Appearance And Taste

It is due to the process employed during the making of the baguette that the baguette will make a different baguette if bakers make it with the same ingredients. Taste and flavor will be lacking after the dough rises through warm water. If you give it a long time to allow fermentation, it will improve the taste and flavor. So, the fermentation process will define the appearance and taste of the baguette.

Baguette Making Process

80% hydrogen with little yeast, kneaded, folded three or four times in an hour is required to make a baguette, and then placed in the fridge for 21 hours. If you want to make the baguette perfect and large, the oven temperature is nearly 485F. 

Ingredients That Are Required To Make The Baguette

In the recipe for baguette making, there are four main ingredients. The ingredients are water, salt, flour and yeast. If you want to increase the taste of the baguette, add a little bit of honey in the mixture. The quantity of these ingredients depends on the requirement of overall baguette quantity. 

The Equipment which is Required To Make The Baguette

If you have an oven and baker stone, you can make the baguette. Apart from that, a baker’s couch is another piece of equipment you can use to make a baguette. These equipment are inexpensive and convenient. Similarly, you can use bread lame to make a baguette. It will be easier to use for making french baguette loaf.

Steps To Make A Baguette

There are several steps that you have to follow while making the baguette. These steps are given below:

  1. Mixing OF All ingredients

In a bowl, you have to mix all ingredients and give rest to it for a few minutes. The mixture should be stretched and folded.

  1. Place It Under Warm Temperature

After mixture, you require to cover the bowl with  the plastic wrap which will prevent it from drying. Then place it in the fridge for several hours. The volume of dough will be increased after keeping it in the fridge. And then keep it under the warm temperature for minimum hours.

  1. Preheating The Oven 

Preheat the oven to 500 F with the baking stone in the upper part of the oven after taking the dough out of the fridge. Place the dough on the small bread pan with hot water.

  1. Giving Shape To The Baguettes

Place the dough on lightly floured surfaces. Cut it into three to four pieces , give it the shape of a rectangle and put it in rest for about several minutes. 

  1. Proofing The Dough

Cover with flour and place on baker’s couches. And then proof it for about a few minutes at room temperature. After proofing the baking is required to make the baguette.

  1. Dusting off The Flour

Dust off the flour after transferring the baguette onto the paper. Cut it into four pieces by using the blade. The dusting of flour will prevent you from sticking your hand. It is trying to make it ready for baking.

  1. Baking The Baguette

Baking the baguette for about several few minutes by keeping it in the oven with the temperature of 450 F. Then remove the water pan. Lastly, the golden brown is achieved. 

French Baguette Loaf Is Made

The above mentioned steps will make the french baguette loaf. The steps of making a baguette are easy even if you can make it at your home. Almost all people in France eat them in their breakfast schedule. So, this is very popular among the people of france.

By Atif Mehar

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