How to Make the Most of a Weekend in Austin

Weekend in Austin

Every city has its quirks and interesting stops you can take, but no city is quite as interesting as Austin.  If you’re in town and want to make the most out of your time here, these are the top ways to get the most out of a weekend in Austin! 

Check Out What Makes Austin Weird

Keep Austin Weird” is a phrase you’ll see on bumper stickers, license plates, and even billboards while you’re in town, but what does it mean?  Mostly it just means that it’s important to keep the city fun and exciting and don’t let it get bogged down in boring business.

One of the most interesting attractions is the Cathedral of Junk!  This strange and fun shelter is made out of used and recycled pieces that have already lived a full life as someone else’s possession.  Visiting the can open your eyes to what makes Austin so fun and exciting. 

Find Paradise on Lake Travis

Lake Travis is one of the best places to stop if you’re dying for a fun and exciting time away from the stress of everyday life.  This perfect Oasis is a great space to enjoy beautiful water views, party and drink, or take it slow and meditate in nature.  Lake Travis isn’t somewhere to swim or play in the water, but you’ll love getting to enjoy the beautiful scenery while you’re there.

Enjoy West 6th Street Once the Sun Sets.

After a long day of exploring houses for rent in Austin, you’ll want to kick back and take it easy on 6th Street!  Why not have some fun?  6th Street comes to life once the sun goes down, offering live jazz, awesome food and drinks, clubs for dancing, and tons of entertainment.  

If you get a hotel close to sixth, you can simply walk back and forth between it, making your trip a lot more fun and giving you a chance to know the city even better.

Explore the Jones Center

Contemporary art is a vital piece of Austin’s personality, and nowhere is that easier to see than at the Jones Center!  This art space and museum walk you through the newest and most impressive pieces anyone could own.  Although it’s home to an overwhelming number of art pieces, it’s designed to almost make you feel like you’re taking a class on every single one.  This is also known as the Contemporary.

Catch a Break in the Austin Nature and Science Center

When you need to step away from the rest and noise, it’s time to take in some beautiful greenery and enjoy the Austin Nature and Science Center.  This lush nature and science center is equal parts informative and inspiring, reminding visitors why it’s so vital that we take a step back and reconsider how we can help as well.

Austin is Truly One of a Kind

Whether you’re just in town for the weekend or you’re new to town and want to make the most of it, it’s time to see what makes Austin so fun!  Although this city is weird, it’s worth it. Check out some of these attractions!

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