How to rank your Video on Youtube in 2022

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Your thumbnail image should be unique

Your YouTube videos can be saved or destroyed by thumbnails. Click here, Thumbnails are what consumers see when they look at YouTube search results. A great thumbnail can increase view time which can have an impact on YouTube ranking.

Your Video will be recognized if it stands out from the crowd and grabs people’s attention. A bespoke thumbnail is the best way to get results. This will allow you to show people what your Video is all about and how it will benefit their lives.

You can also visit my guide to creating a custom thumbnail on your Gaming YouTube channel.

In the title of your Video, use keywords

After keyword research, the first step is understanding your audience’s search intent. These are the most common search goals: transactional, commercial, navigational, and informative. It is crucial to connect your Video with your customer’s purpose for it to be visible in search results.

Second, ensure you know WHY you want to create a YouTube video. Also, be sure you understand your target audience. If you want to highlight easter eggs at Elden Ring, add the game name in your video title and description.

Although it may seem like an easy step, many YouTube channels fail to do this, leading to their videos not ranking well in Google and YouTube search results.

Include the keyword in your video file name

It’s easy enough. However, YouTube might use this ranking element to show your Video in search results. This will allow you to receive more search traffic.

When you upload a video, you can view the filename.

YouTube requires this information to ensure that your Video is relevant. Make sure you have the most up-to-date file name before uploading.

In your videos, add subtitles and closed captions

Video subtitles convey video conversations to viewers that do not understand the language. Closed captions transmit the message to those viewers who cannot hear the audio. Closed-caption files and subtitles include text from the Video.

Timing codes will be included in the file to indicate when each text piece should be shown in the film. This is so that it can correspond with voice or other visual elements.

Because videos with CC have more viewers, they are more likely to be rank higher than videos without them.

Content is the king

You don’t need a Youtube channel if you aren’t taking the time to create high-quality content that meets your audience’s needs. It’s as simple as that. You’ve heard it a thousand times. But the quality of your content is crucial to your YouTube ranking.

What does quality mean? Quality does not necessarily mean Hollywood-level production values. To be successful, your sound and vision must match or exceed that of Bond films.

However, this view of quality is not true.

In my opinion, the quality of the Video is the best indicator of how effective your videos are for the person viewing them.

These are some signs that you have quality content.

The Video lives up to the promise of its title and thumbnail

The Video demonstrates the intent of the keyword phrase used to watch the Video

You can watch the Video almost all the way through.

The watcher can view your Video by clicking on a link or clicking the bell icon to comment.

The Video encourages the viewer to take positive action, measured by YouTube.

Imagine a person walking into a clothing store. The windows are filled with mannequins in the most recent Armani and Tommy Hilfiger clothes. They are amazed by the elegance and beauty of the clothes (the contents) once they get inside. Everything is 50% off! After spending 45 minutes in the store, they decide to buy clothes and recommend the shop to friends.

Imagine another clothing store. The windows are filled with mannequins in the latest Armani and Tommy Hilfiger fashions. Shoppers expect to be amaze by the latest fashions, but all they see are dusty clothes scattered on the floor. They leave the shop almost immediately after realizing that the quality of the experience was not up to par with what they saw in the windows.

Your content should be the same. It should deliver exactly what the viewer wants and be so positive that the watcher cannot help but take action. For more:

Google tracks these positive actions. These positive actions include how long the Video has been watched, whether people have liked, comment on, or subscribed to it, and whether they clicked on any links within it.

Google uses these interactions to show that the Video is of high quality and drives action from its viewers.

These SEO tips will help you rank on Youtube Search Results Page for your chosen keyword. The quality and relevance of your content will make your Video stand out in the search results.

You now know how to rank YouTube videos higher with SEO. However, you should also be aware of bad SEO.

Continue reading to learn more about ‘Bad SEO.

What is bad SEO?

Negative SEO or “Blackhat SEO” should be avoid at any cost. Google is becoming more adept at detecting bad SEO. Therefore, focus on great content and the excellent SEO techniques mentioned above.

BAD is an abbreviation for bad SEO.

Poor SEO can have the opposite effect.

These practices could harm your rankings. Read on to learn more.


YouTube does not tolerate plagiarism.

You could face severe consequences if you steal clips or ideas from others.

Copying content from another person without credit or permission.

YouTube will not only remove your Video but also lower your rank.

SEO is not for everyone.

This is because search engines have already indexed the same information as you, so there is no reason to index your webpage.

You must not have duplicate material in your videos unless it is necessary for your viewers’ benefit or the nature and purpose of your gaming channel. If this happens, you should ask permission from the owner.

Stuffing Keywords

It is not a good SEO strategy to repeat the same keywords repeatedly.

This discourages visitors from interfacing with the Video and encourages them not to engage with it.

It also indicates to search engines that your intent is to manipulate (fool) their algorithms.

It suffices to include keywords in the title, description, and tags.

Over-expression of keywords in videos can make them uninterested. YouTube’s artificial intelligence will also push you down in search results, making it a destructive SEO method.

Click baiting

Is a popular technique YouTube uses to drive clicks.

It will not convert your viewers to subscribers.

YouTube will detect that people click on your videos but don’t subscribe.

This will convey that people don’t enjoy your content, and YouTube introduces them.

This will boost your videos initially, but YouTube will drink you as you make more videos.

Avoid click-baiting unless your content is quality.

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