How to Sell Aquarium Fish to Resellers


To start an aquarium business, you should ask yourself whether you will be able to sell your products in your area. What is the preference of the aquarium owners in your area? Are your products available in pet stores? What are your competitors selling aquarium fish? And how much will each copy cost? Remember, you don’t want to sell the same product for low prices if no one is buying them. Similarly, offering a high price will not help your business.

Breeding betta fish

The first step in breeding betta fish for aquariums is to pair a male with a female betta. A male will display its fins to attract a female, and a female will display vertical stripes on her midsection to show that she’s ready to spawn. A female will also develop an “egg spot,” a spot similar to white chalk on a chalkboard, where she will release her eggs.

When sexing a male betta, look for signs that he is interested in the female. His fins will be large, while the female’s will be smaller and less coloured. If the male and female appear to be interested in each other, the betta should display vertical stripes on her body. The male should not attack the female. Once the sex is determined, sexing the fish will become easier.

Selling betta fish to resellers

There are several advantages of selling your betta fish to resellers. You can reap the profit of your hard work, as a hobby breeder. You can save on transport expenses by selling your fish in small quantities. Also, you can sell them at a higher price than you would if you were selling them yourself. You can also sell them to your local fish store. Regardless of whether you choose to sell to a reseller or a hobbyist, you should know what to expect from your business.

Online auction sites like eBay are ideal for sellers looking for a high-quality betta. eBay has a large variety of betta fish available for sale. Many betta breeders and retailers offer their products for sale there. These sites usually offer good quality fish, and have a large variety of colors, patterns, and tail kinds. A great source for buying Betta fish on eBay is HTownGuppy, Betta-USA, and HoustonAqua. Make sure to choose a trustworthy seller with positive feedback. Be sure to read the seller’s terms of sale to avoid any misunderstandings.

Average selling price of betta fish

The average selling price of betta fish for aquarium varies greatly depending on the breed. Females can cost as little as $2 each and males can cost up to $30. In general, however, bettas are relatively inexpensive. However, if you want a very unique fish, you may want to pay more for a different type. In addition to determining the average selling price of betta fish, you should also consider your budget and the aquarium’s setup before you make the purchase.

A betta breeder will need a place to sell their stock. Small and regional stores often offer credits to hobby breeders in exchange for their fish. It’s a great idea to buy from a local supplier because you’ll save on hauling costs and still receive a good price. In addition, if you’re an established betta breeder, you’ll need a place to sell your stock. If you can’t find a place to sell your fish, consider selling them at a local pet store.

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