Hyperx Cloud Revolver 7.1 Review

Hyperx Cloud Revolver 7.1

Hyperx cloud revolver 7.1 has made it one of the most well-known brands on the market with regards to gaming equipment. One of the primary reason for that is that they provide a wide range of high-end accessories at an affordable cost. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t provide premium products. For instance their most costly gaming headset they make is the HyperX Cloud Revolver which is a high-quality headset that promises top-quality audio in gaming and other entertainment experiences employing Dolby technology. We have tested the headset over the past few days, and after having used it to play games or watching movies, as well as listen to songs, we’re now eager to share our experiences with you. Review this review to find out whether you think the HyperX Cloud Revolver can be your headset you’re looking for:


  1. Reviewing and unboxing the HyperX Cloud Revolver S
  2. Hardware specs
  3. Utilizing HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headset HyperX Cloud Revolver gaming headset
  4. The pros and cons
  5. Verdict

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S: Unboxing HyperX Cloud Revolver S

Its HyperX Cloud Revolver gaming headset is packaged in a classy box made of cardboard. The front of the box is dominated by an impressive image that shows the game headset however, you’ll also find a few of its most important features displayed close to it. On the reverse of the box, HyperX printed other images including details of HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headset. HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headset, along with the essential specs of the headset.

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Then slide the box’s interior out and then lift the lid and you’ll be able to find its gaming headphones, the Audio control via USB, microphone that can be detached and one audio connector cable, two 3.5mm headphones and stereo plugs, and a quick-start guide printed on the back. The experience of unboxing offered via HyperX Cloud Revolver S is worth a top-quality device.

Specifications for hardware

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headset has 50mm neodymium drivers , and plug-and-play Dolby Surround 7.1 audio technology to give you the best game audio, along with high-quality clarity and cinematic sound. The headset sits upon your head as well as your ears by using a steel frame, with high-density “signature HyperX” memory foam for comfort and cushioning. The headset has an USB audio controller equipped with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) sound card. This means you will receive the same quality audio regardless of the device you use it on. This USB control box lets users enable Dolby audio and change between three different equalizer settings.

The HyperX Cloud Revolver comes with a 40-inch (1 1 meter) length cable connecting it and the USB controller. The cable connecting the USB audio box as well as USB plug is also 20 inches (2 meters) in length. If you prefer to use the traditional 3.5mm audio jacks, then the cable is as long, too. It’s the same length, which is 80 inches (2 meters) in length. All cables for connection are braided.

The drivers come with the impedance 30 Ohms and an amplitude range of 12Hz to 28KHz. It is a lightweight headset. HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headset weighs 12.7 pounds (360 grams) without microphone. If you add the microphone the headset weighs 13.3 pounds (376 grams). It is a unidirectional microphone, and is equipped with noise cancellation features. If you’re interested in knowing all the specs and capabilities associated with this gaming device, go to the official website: HyperX Cloud Revolver S.

Utilizing this headset, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headset

Before you put these headphones in, the very first thing you’ll notice about them is how beautiful they appear. The large earcups and sturdy headband made of steel, and the braided cables make for an outstanding first impression. The headset is simple but sophisticatedin a positive way. The sleek designs, as well as the top quality, and the visual element placement make this headset feel so.

Its HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headset is the most comfortable product of its kind I personally tried. I was awed by the dimensions of the ear cups they are enormous. The high-density memory foam in the ear cups, keeps you away from all sounds. Even though you’ll be able to hear footsteps or winds blowing through the trees in the game but you’ll likely have trouble being able to hear your wife sneaking into your room when you play Resident Evil 7.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

The headphones are constructed on solid steel frames and come with an adjustable suspension band that adjusts to the head. You aren’t able to, and are not required to fit it by hand, which is why HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headphones HyperX Cloud Revolver gaming headphones is swift, efficient, and comfortable. Even if you work all night or day wearing these headphones you will not be tired or experience headaches because of thembecause they’re lying lightly on your head and ear unlike other headsets that make you feel like they’re pulling your head down.

For the quality of sound the sound quality through these headphones can be exceptional. They are awe-inspiring. HyperX Cloud Revolver provides solid, powerful bass, as well as vocal clarity. Both low frequencies as well as high frequencies are accurately reproduced. In games In games, when playing games, 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound technology allows you to quickly discern the direction that shots and footsteps originate, so that you can take tactical decisions more quickly and with greater accuracy due to that. In films In movies, you can enjoy the 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound technology allows you to have the same sound quality and full-bodied experience as you actually are in a cinema.

When you listen to music and music, the Dolby technology means you can relax and take a break and contemplate all the sounds that you’ve never heard before even though you have the songs in your head. While you may think that HyperX Cloud Revolver can be described as a headphone specifically designed to be used by gamers, the superior quality of its sound makes it ideal for audiophiles as well.

This USB control box comes with two big round button to activating or deactivating microphone and 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound and the microphone. If they’re activated, their buttons are illuminated by LEDs that are red. If they’re turned off, the LED lights also go off. On the other end of this USB control device, there are two knobs to control the volume to adjust the volume of headphones as well as the volume of the microphone.

However there’s only one rectangular button to switch between the default equalizer presets. Each equalizer preset comes with its own distinct white LED light that comes off when it’s enabled, however there’s no indication of which it is that the preset’s sound is actually employed. While you could say through the sounds of one particular preset that it’s intended for lows, another for mids , and another for highs, but if you are interested in knowing exactly the purpose behind HyperX is aiming for, it’s best to go through the user’s manual: The equalizer presets are Vocals flat as well as Bass The Boost presets are Vocals, Flat and Bass.

For gamers, particularly those who enjoy multiplayer games such as League of Legends or Overwatch A good microphone is crucial. It’s the HyperX Cloud Revolver features an unattachable microphone which you can use only when you require it. We tried it out in Skype and discovered it to be of top quality, also because it’s unidirectional, and it can block out any background noise fairly well. Your colleagues will definitely appreciate your clarity in your voice.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headset is among the top we’ve tested. We loved the audio quality and cinematic sound quality provided through this headset. 7.1 Dolby Surround Sounds technology We also appreciated their overall quality and attractive design.

Pros and pros

We have a lot of positive things to share regarding this model of HyperX Cloud Revolver:

  • High-quality sound in games, as well as movies , and while listening to music
  • Good overall quality of construction (steel frames and headbands, high-density foam braided cable and more)
  • The design is intended to be very comfortable and comfortable, even after a long day of use
  • The microphone is removable and is able to be mounted at times when it is needed.
  • Your voice-overs and recordings is excellent
  • Plug and play. All you require is a USB port, and no software needed

The only drawback could be that HyperX Cloud Revolver is priced on the expensive end of the spectrum.


HyperX Cloud Revolver HyperX Cloud Revolveris is probably the most powerful gaming headset that we’ve ever tried. The first thing to note is that they’re excellent in terms of audio quality, both during games and also when watching films and listening to songs. Furthermore, they’re robust, using premium materials. Like any gaming device ought to be, this one is constructed to last. The huge foam earcups as well as the adjustable headband makes the headphones extremely comfortable to wear. At the end of the day you’ll have headphones that feature 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound, one that is both comfortable and sounds amazing. If you’re able to pay the cost, you should purchase it. You will not regret it!

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