Is iKnowMed EMR software best for Oncology?

iknowmed emr

It can be hard to choose the right oncology practice management software. Although the six systems listed below are a good starting point, it is important to fully understand your business strategy and clinical needs before you choose a system. These systems can offer many capabilities but they can be costly. It’s important that you look at the benefits and not just the price. These are the top benefits you should look out for:


Cloud-based iKnowMed EMR has many benefits. It’s flexible and can be used by any practice. Whether you own a small practice or a large cancer center, iKnowMed’s generation 2 is the right fit.

The same team who developed the award-winning iKnowMed Generation 1 EHR has built the second-generation iKnowMed EHR. It is highly customizable and mobile-friendly. It is compatible with almost any device that can be connected to the internet and offers point-of-care treatment decisions support. This EHR is ideal for use in oncology settings due to its customizable features.

Compatible with mobile devices

An app can be used to help oncologists make better decisions and improve their efficiency. Clinicians can reduce interruptions in patient care by using the app to double-check calculations and drug dosages. It can adjust the drug dosages to accommodate changes in body weight. A mobile app can be a great tool for enhancing the patient experience.

Clinicians can securely and easily access patient data, such as diagnosis and treatment plans, using an electronic health record. Mobile health apps are compatible with tablets and smartphones.

Integrated with McKesson’s technology solutions

Community-based oncologists will be able to streamline their delivery of cancer care by integrating McKesson’s technology solutions for oncology practice. The new suite includes a wide range of services for practice management and a comprehensive technology solution.

This suite includes McKesson’s iKnowMed EMR electronic health record system and Lynx Mobile, a mobile-centric system for drug inventory management. These systems can communicate with one another automatically. This allows data to be submitted in a shorter time frame and with less administrative effort.

This product is designed for oncologists

What is the best EMR for Oncology ?

iKnowMed, an electronic health record (EHR), is specifically designed for oncology practice. Oncologists have 24-hour access via the web to patient charts. It has many features that can be used to assist oncologists in managing their cancer regimens, tracking treatment outcomes, and recording their notes. This helps reduce the errors that could occur when using paper records.

Iknowmed EMR is designed for administrators and clinicians to use and has a flexible architecture. McKesson Specialty Health developed IKnowMed EHR with input from more than 200 oncologists. It is a great choice for oncology clinics because of its ease-of-use. It has a user-friendly interface and a dedicated nursing documentation log.

Concluding Words

iKnowMed EMR is a complete medical records software solution. The software helps health care providers with clinical workflow and value-based care. It also has integration capabilities with practice management software and billing systems:

  • McKesson’s iKnowMed SM electronic health record system has been named the top EHR platform for oncologists and hematologists by Black Book TM Research, a leading source of market research, polling, and surveys. This innovative oncology-specific EHR is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the cancer community.
  • iKnowMed EHR is cloud-based, making it the perfect solution for small practices and large cancer care centers. Developed by the same team that created the award-winning iKnowMed Generation 1 EHR, iKnowMed offers a highly customizable experience, an easy-to-use mobile environment, and comprehensive point-of-care treatment decision support. It is compatible with virtually any web-enabled device, and the system is completely mobile-optimized for ease of use.
  • With iKnowMed EMR software, oncologists can efficiently perform their duties and optimize their workflows. With pre-built templates and convenient features, they can prescribe medications and refill prescriptions from anywhere in the world. This allows them to focus on patients and their treatment while not wasting their time on paperwork. It also improves efficiency and patient care, which is a key factor in delivering value-based care.
  • The solution enables oncology practices to deliver the highest quality of care while advancing their ability to deliver an integrated care experience. It also helps them maximize revenue by enhancing their revenue generation and improving patient experience.
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