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Innovative Business Learning

An Executive Doctor of Business Administration (Executive DBA or EDBA) is a doctoral-level degree designed for experienced professionals, executives, and senior managers who seek to enhance their leadership skills, advance their careers, and contribute to the development of business practices through applied research. Unlike a traditional PhD in Business Administration, which is more academically oriented and focused on theoretical research, the Executive DBA is practical and application-oriented, aiming to solve real-world business problems. Business School in Makati, offers cutting-edge programs designed to equip future leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the global business environment. Join us to experience world-class education, innovative research, and a vibrant community of professionals.

Here are some key characteristics and features of an Executive DBA program:

  1. Target Audience:
    • Executives, senior managers, and experienced professionals who already have significant experience in the business field and often hold senior positions within their organizations.
  2. Program Structure:
    • Typically part-time to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.
    • Can take between 3 to 5 years to complete.
    • Combines coursework with research, culminating in a dissertation or research project.
  3. Curriculum:
    • Coursework in advanced business theories, leadership, strategic management, and research methodologies.
    • Emphasis on the practical application of research to address contemporary business challenges.
  4. Research Focus:
    • Applied research aimed at solving practical problems within the business world.
    • Dissertation or final project that contributes new knowledge or insights that can be directly to business practices.
  5. Outcomes and Benefits:
    • Development of advanced analytical and research skills.
    • Enhanced strategic thinking and decision-making capabilities.
    • Increased credibility and recognition as an expert in the field.
    • Potential for career advancement into top executive roles or academic positions.
  6. Delivery Mode:
    • Often includes a blend of online and on-campus sessions to provide flexibility.
    • Executive DBA programs may include residencies, workshops, and networking opportunities with peers and faculty.

An Executive DBA is well-suited for individuals who wish to make a significant impact in their organizations or industries through innovative thinking and evidence-based decision-making. It provides an opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice, enabling executives to leverage their extensive professional experience and further develop their strategic leadership capabilities.

Business Management and Leadership Excellence

The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is a leading graduate school of business and management in Asia, based in the Philippines. It offers a variety of degree programs including International MBA, Executive MBA, Master in Cybersecurity, and PhD in Data Science. AIM focuses on developing leaders and managers with a strong emphasis on real-world applications and innovation. The institute also provides executive education and lifelong learning programs.

Executive Doctorate in Business Management

The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) offers a range of services including graduate degree programs such as International MBA, Executive MBA, and Master in Cybersecurity, alongside a PhD in Data Science. Additionally, AIM provides executive education and professional development programs, fostering leadership and managerial skills. The institute emphasizes practical applications and innovation, supported by a diverse alumni network and global partnerships. AIM also engages in research and consultancy to address contemporary business challenges. AIM is for its diverse alumni network and partnerships with institutions worldwide. Institute of Management (AIM) is a distinguished business school located in Makati, Philippines. It offers programs such as International MBA, Executive MBA, Master in Cybersecurity, and PhD in Data Science, along with executive education and professional development. AIM emphasizes practical application and innovation, supported by a global alumni network and partnerships.

Fianl Words

The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is a premier graduate school in Asia, focusing on developing leaders through programs like the International MBA, Executive MBA, Master in Cybersecurity, and PhD in Data Science. AIM also offers executive education, professional development, research, and consultancy services, emphasizing practical application and innovation. It boasts a diverse alumni network and global partnerships.


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