iOS App Development To Dominate Mobile Users Market

iOS App Development

Companies are aware of the importance of mobile applications in advancing their operations to higher levels of revenue and consumer reach. You can use various resources to construct your mobile app or hire a third-party business to provide a mobile app development service. Depending on your target market, you can choose to construct an iOS application quickly or an Android application.

Choosing the platform for development is the first step in having a mobile app produced. You can choose between developing an app for the iOS or Android platforms. True, Android has a significant advantage over iOS on a worldwide scale. Take into account the fact that Apple has the biggest market share in North America (52.28%), the United States (57.22%), and the United Kingdom (51.4%). Therefore, iOS Application Development is a strong option for giving your company the boost it needs by releasing an iOS app in the tech industry, especially in the developed globe.

Read on about some fascinating facts in this article if you need further convincing about why you should create a mobile application and hire best ios app development agency.

Mobile Apps makes the World

Today’s consumer market is insatiable for mobile applications of every kind. Consumers are constantly looking for ways to meet their wants and needs immediately, regardless of the industry they are in, whether it be business, entertainment, navigation, dining, fashion, travel, or any other area. As a result, it was predicted that 269 billion mobile apps would be downloaded overall in 2018. This implies that each user downloads around 30 apps globally on average.

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More people are using mobile applications

The heyday of websites is coming to an end. These days, mobile applications have mostly overtaken laptops and desktop computers. Because of this, 87% of users spend more time on mobile applications than websites. This is a significant justification for hiring iPhone Development Services to create your iOS app.

iOS is a Popular Platform

There is no arguing that iOS offers users a more enjoyable user experience. With a staggering 64% of developers in the market solely focused on iOS, the iOS Developer Community also supports its platform. This suggests that iOS is the preferred option among the developer community. Thanks to the wide pool of available resources, you can choose, handpick, and decide on the resources you want for your iPhone App Development company in India based on your project’s skill, scope, budget, and time limits.

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Putting Big Numbers to Work

On the Apple App Store, 2 million programs and 5 million apps may be downloaded. This number alone sheds light on the acceptance of iPhone app development. On average, 1,082 new apps are introduced every day in anticipation of positive user feedback. It all comes down to offering clients functionalities that are appealing, simple to use, and, most importantly, useful. If you execute it correctly, your software will succeed in the market and gradually acquire momentum toward being a well-liked option for download.

The “Apple” in everyone’s eyes is Apple.

These figures highlight why Apple is the market leader in mobile app development services and solutions, which is important to consider given where Apple is currently.

  • Since the 2007 release of the iPhone, Apple has sold more than 1.3 billion units.
  • Apple’s stock price has increased by 15,000% since 2001, valuing the corporation at $1 trillion.
  • 18% of smartphones are sold worldwide, while Apple makes 87% of smartphone revenues.
  • Apple’s cash on hand is $285.1 billion.
  • The most recent software version is present on 81% of iOS devices.
  • Last year, Apple gave iOS developers $26.5 billion.
  • On iOS smartphones, a trillion images are taken annually.
  • Every month, Siri fulfills 10 billion audio requests.
  • 50 billion episodes have been downloaded and streamed on Apple Podcasts.
  • More than 2000 apps use ARKit.

Available iOS App Types

There are countless different kinds of programs that may be used with the iOS system. Any concept, regardless of how weird or humorous, has been tried and tested to garner various market reactions. Dubsmash is an example of an idea that simply increases in popularity among users; conversely, WhatsApp is an example of an idea that becomes immediately popular as soon as it is introduced to the market.

The app is preferred based on gender and particular age ranges. Many smartphone users like downloading games onto their mobile apps to play, unwind, collaborate with friends, and pass the time. The most significant aspect of being online in 2019 has been social. The biggest thing/trend for 2021 has been personal image and become an instant overnight star on social media, made possible by numerous filters and snapping pictures/selfies. As a result, social media apps accounted for 32% of the most popularly downloaded apps, followed by games (at 10%) and messaging apps (also at 10%).

Social Media Apps are likewise a very prominent category as app favorites. Customers have favored the following social media apps on this list.

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp

The highest-grossing apps:

  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • Tinder


In the realm of technology, Apple and iOS together are a force to be reckoned with. Because of this, there will always be a demand for iOS app development services. By offering clients a seamless app experience for completing secure, dependable, and hassle-free transactions, businesses are looking for ways to increase their user base.

As a result, you can choose to outsource to AppVerticals your needs for mobile app development solutions. We are a large, passionately driven, customer-focused best iOS app development agency that is well known for offering faultless app solutions to companies worldwide. To discuss your app concept for free, contact AppVerticals today.

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