Isis Gaston, Better Known As Ice Spice, Is a Rapper From Bronx, New York

Ice Spice of Bronx, New York has successfully transitioned from underground drill rapper to pop culture icon through her hit songs. Her deep, melodious voice and clever lyrics have propelled her into becoming one of today’s household names.

At just 23 years old, her viral hits like “Munch” and the New Year’s jam “In Ha Mood” propelled her into mainstream consciousness. But as her reputation has grown, she has managed to resist the cycle of Internet culture and social media to remain true to herself and grounded.

Her Style

Ice spice net worth, better known as Isis Gaston, has experienced an astounding transformation since her emergence on YouTube and other platforms eight-to-nine months ago. Her signature rap style has quickly gained recognition across YouTube, TikTok, and beyond.

Her breakthrough single ‘Munch (Feelin’ U)’ quickly rose to the top of Billboard R&B and Hip-Hop charts in October 2022, garnering millions of new followers across Twitter, TikTok and other music apps. Since then she’s unveiled an impromptu EP called Like.? and amassed even greater viral hits with singles such as ‘Bikini Bottom’ and ‘In Ha Mood’.

As she has gained recognition, her fashion sense has evolved dramatically as she’s become more widely recognized, from wearing cheap clothing before fame to high-end pieces that she now proudly displays. Recently she appeared in two Nike ads and Ivy Park’s Park Trail collection which premiered at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) February.

Her Verse

Ice Spice (real name Isis Naija Gaston), has quickly emerged as one of the hottest rappers in New York. Within just two years of becoming active on Instagram and TikTok platforms, she has amassed millions of followers and seen massive hits!

Her verses may already contain many swaggering lines and seductive lyrics, but there’s much more that she can do with her music. If she truly wishes to stand out from the competition she must experiment with various beats, flows and voice to truly differentiate herself.

Nicki Minaj provided some positive words of advice to Bronx MC Dizzy before their recent meeting on VH1’s Hip-Hop Evolution. In her song “Princess Diana,” Queens rapper encouraged Dizzy to be her own princess instead of giving herself up to others for one reason or another.

Her Sound

Ice Spice stands out in her field thanks to her distinctive and dynamic sound, making her one of the most beloved female rappers today. She has been featured on top playlists, performed at festivals, and received co-signs from industry titans including Cardi B.

Her music is catchy yet sophisticated at once; featuring R&B, old school hip-hop and EDM influences.

She has created her unique sound with drill pop beats and irresistible lyrical hooks, giving rise to her breakout single, “Munch (Feeling U)”, which went viral online and helped change modern slang phrases by infiltrating our everyday vocabulary with addictive and unique phrases.

Her songs embody the playful side of New York’s emerging drill scene while still showing strong grit and audacity rarely seen today in this genre. Ice Spice’s unconventional delivery, layers of invigorating bravado and supportive artist-producer relationship all play key roles in her success.

Her Story

Ice Spice (legal name Isis Gaston) was raised in the Bronx and began her musical education thanks to her father who is an underground rapper.

As a first-year Communications major at SUNY Purchase, she met Bronx producer Riot who helped tailor her sound with beats that reflect her unique and amusing personality. She started recording songs during spring 2021.

“Munch (Feelin’ U),” released in August 2018, was an instantaneous success on TikTok and marked her arrival as an emerging Drill artist. After accruing over 7 million plays on Spotify and receiving rave reviews from critics alike, 23-year-old Mishka is now a staple at clubs and festivals alike.

Her humorous tone has won her an extensive fan base she affectionately refers to as her “Munchkins”. Since debuting, she has also been featured in campaigns by Adidas and Ivy Park; now, with such a huge fan base and killer style to go along with an album in the pipeline we can only look forward to see where this young rapper goes next!

She’s a New Yorker

Ice Spice may be one of rap’s newest superstars, but her roots in New York City cannot be denied. Her love for New York has been instrumental to her rise – something her fans have reciprocated with open arms.

Since she first made headlines as a youth artist with her deep, hushed voice, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter has enjoyed immense popularity thanks to last summer’s hit single, “Munch (Feeling U).” Clips of this track exploded onto TikTok — an up-and-coming artists platform known for helping to launch young talent into mainstream success — sparking its viral growth exponentially.

Since her breakthrough hit, she’s collaborated with several high-profile producers – such as her father who introduced her to music at an early age and Bronx-born producer RIOTUSA whom she met at SUNY Purchase; together they produced Like, her debut EP.

Ice Spice has amassed considerable press coverage, made appearances at NYFW Fall/Winter 2023, worn looks from Dion Lee, Coach and Tommy Hilfiger collections as well as having her talented stylist Marissa Pelly on hand – she is ready for her next big step in life.

She’s a spitter

Ice Spice has made waves in hip-hop with an album that reached no. 3 on Billboard Hot 100 charts and garnering 145,000 downloads in its first week alone.

As with many of the rap game’s top stars, she’s earned her fame through hard work. Be it video interviews, onstage performances or using Zoom for communication, she uses her words to demonstrate both grit and grace characteristic of New York City – her hometown.

Her street-smart charm and uncanny ability to speak fluently make up the backbone of her success, helping her effortlessly navigate TikTok and Instagram memes with ease and become instantly iconic thanks to mass appeal and shareability.

By Atif Mehar

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