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Jane is a powerful and easy-to-use clinical charting app that allows clinicians and staff to interact with clients. The software also makes charting and admin work easy for clinicians and staff. Clinics love that Jane is always up to date. This helps ensure that staff are always working on the most up-to-date version.

Easy to use

Jane App Software is user-friendly, allowing clinicians to stay connected with patients while completing charting online. Clinics can also use Jane to keep track of patients’ insurance information. The system makes admin and staff work simple, and clinics love the fact that Jane is updated on a continuous basis.

Jane also offers a library of chart templates, so users can customize their own. The system keeps clinic data organized while preserving patient privacy. All files are password protected, so only authorized individuals can view them. Jane’s intuitive interface allows users to create shortcuts for routine tasks, such as exercise prescriptions and billing codes. Users can also create shortcuts for areas of treatment and symptoms. This reduces time by a significant margin.

Jane offers online appointment booking, which is ideal for people who can’t visit the clinic to make an appointment. It also uses encryption technology to keep personal information secure. Jane works in accordance with HIPPA and PIPEDA regulations.

Easy to manage

Jane App Software is a powerful and easy-to-use scheduling and billing solution that keeps patients and practitioners connected. It also streamlines clinic admin and staff work. The program can easily bill insurance companies and keeps track of client records and schedules. Clinics also love the easy-to-use interface and the fact that they can always use the latest version of the software.

Jane App also comes with a library of charts. You can choose a template that works best for your practice. The software is also password-protected, meaning only authorized users will see your files. Jane has shortcuts for everything from billing codes to exercise prescriptions to treatment areas. You can even set up shortcuts for specific areas and symptoms, and use them to cut down on time while performing your daily tasks.

Jane App is a web-based health management solution that offers booking, charting, secure video, invoicing, and more. Patients can sign up for appointments using their mobile phone, tablet, or PC. The Jane App also lets patients select a practitioner, and it provides email and text reminders so that patients don’t forget to show up for an appointment. The platform also allows you to add photos and videos, document conditions, and create a personalized chart for each patient.

Great work-life balance

Jane App is a software platform that helps employees achieve work-life balance and profitability. Its work environment is fast-paced and requires constant updates, but at the same time, it offers great work-life balance. In addition, Jane encourages wellness, providing employees with the best coffee and foot massage machine.

Jane App offers online booking, scheduling, video, and invoicing for healthcare practitioners. The company was founded by Alison Taylor and Trevor Johnston, who are Co-CEOs. They have over twenty years of combined experience building global brands and have held key roles at Amazon, Walmart eCommerce, and Johnson & Johnson. Their team is lead by product and customer success experts. The company is gaining momentum and has a bright future ahead.

Jane Ehr software has an automatic rating feature that allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your practice. You can view the emails your patients receive regarding their visits to your practice. Even, the automated system will direct patients to leave testimonials on Google. Before you post testimonials on Google, make sure to verify the permissions.

It includes online booking, billing, and invoicing features. It’s easy to use, and offers a great user interface. It also has automatic reminders for appointments, which decreases the chance of missing them. You can also customize the reporting to make it look exactly how you like it. MEDHOST EHR Software is another best software you should check its features.

Jane’s intuitive design makes it easy for new users to learn. It is easy to use the software’s interface, which increases productivity. The software also automatically collects ratings and reviews from patients. This will allow you to improve your patient care and customer service. Jane is an excellent choice if you are looking for a software program that can help you run your chiropractic practice smoothly.

Meaningful use

Jane Ehr is a software solution that can streamline your clinical processes, and give your patients a more personal experience. Jane Ehr has a waitlist feature that allows you add clients interested in booking an appointment. You can associate each entry with a particular group or clinician. It also allows you note when clients are available to book appointments. You can also enter an expiration date to the wait list. This will help you plan for if someone drops off the list.

Dr. Driscoll sought the guidance of an EHR software vendor certified to ensure she was complying with meaningful use requirements. Dr. Driscoll carefully reviewed the core measures as well as the menu set measures. Her staff were also asked to complete the meaningful usage assessment within the first month. She was able to assess the system and see if it fulfilled her expectations.

Jane Ehr is an integrated practice management platform for behavioral health professionals. It’s an online platform that is accessible from any device. It offers branded online bookings, beautiful scheduling and insurance management. You can also create patient reminders and integrate payment processing. Jane offers customizable branding options as well as a flexible Client Portal, which can be tailored to your specific needs.


Jane EHR, a cloud-based practice management system for chiropractors, is powerful. This software was developed by a chiropractor and software developer. It has been a popular practice management tool for chiropractors around the globe. Jane EHR offers a cost-effective, feature-rich and modern solution. You get many benefits from it, including a monthly price of $74

Jane software integrates with insurance, herbal inventory, email marketing, and insurance to allow for billing and scheduling. The software is designed specifically for TCM practitioners and acupuncturists. It costs $75 per month for the basic plan, and $25 for each additional user. Mailchimp is compatible with the software, however, the company doesn’t sign the BAA. Users will need to buy a separate subscription for each individual user.

Jane EHR software offers online booking features that make it easier for patients and their doctors to schedule appointments. Patients can cancel or reschedule appointments. It is easy to integrate with clinic workflows and automate many tasks. It reduces paper waste and costs. It makes it easy for patients to access all files and patient charts.

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