Lightweight and Luxurious Chiffon Sarees

If you are seeking an easy to wear yet luxurious saree, chiffon sarees may be just what you are searching for. Not only are they simple to drape but also work great in hot climates.

Chiffon used to be composed entirely of silk fabric; today however, other fibers such as cotton or synthetic have also been utilized, making chiffon more affordable and accessible than ever.


Chiffon saree fabric is an elegant yet lightweight option that suits all occasions, perfect for formal events as well as informal functions such as parties. Available in numerous colors and styles, this versatile material can also be dyed either naturally or with acid dyes to meet specific color requests.

At first, chiffon was exclusively made with silk; today however, polyester and nylon fibers can also be used. Although most luxurious chiffons still contain some silk fabric.

Chiffon sarees are ideal for Indian women during hot summer days due to their lightweight fabric that floats easily around their bodies and can easily be stored or carried around, making it the ideal garment to suit Indian lifestyle.

KALKI offers a selection of chiffon sarees in various shades and patterns, decorated with intricate crafts such as zari, resham work, thread work, cut work, sequins, stone work and floral prints.

Easy to drape

Chiffon fabric is lightweight and transparent, which makes it popular with women due to its comfort. Furthermore, chiffon drapes easily.

Chiffon sarees come in an assortment of colors, patterns and designs to meet any personal style preferences. Lightweight yet comfortable to wear, they make you look classy while at the same time creating an attractive appearance.

There are various techniques for donning a saree, but you must master the fundamentals first. Practice regularly until your drape is perfected!

Pleated cloth technique is one of the easiest ways to drape a saree. This method can quickly help you achieve perfect drape and draping styles.

Easy to maintain

Chiffon fabric is a lightweight yet luxurious choice that makes for ideal wedding sarees, party wear or formal events. Additionally, its breathability makes it a popular choice for summery blouses, dresses or lingerie.

Fabric is created by weaving yarns into alternately twisted patterns, producing an embossed effect in the fabric and giving it a puckered appearance.

As it is a delicate material that requires special care and maintenance, proper washing can extend its lifespan.

To wash chiffon sarees, fold them in half and put them in a tub with lukewarm water and mild liquid detergent. Gently stir up the water with your hand until suds form before gently spinning your saree to clean it thoroughly.

Machine washing chiffon sarees to maintain their fresh appearance is also possible, provided you use delicate mode and gentle cleaner.

Easy to store

Chiffon fabric has an elegant floating appearance that appeals to elite women, making it popularly chosen for evening gowns or other attire worn on special occasions.

To protect a saree from moisture damage and insects and pests, place it in a breathable laundry bag for storage. This also allows it to remain dust-free during storage.

Store your chiffon saree safely by placing it in a box, which will protect it from potential damages during transport and storage. Just be mindful that doing this could cause its fabric to stretch.

Chiffon fabric comes in various colors to add a pop of color and easy maintenance, making it an essential part of any wardrobe.

Floral Print Bhagalpuri Silk Saree with Unstitched Blouse

Floral prints are one of the most stunning and chic patterns found in India, captivating everyone’s attention and adding an aesthetic touch to any type of saree or dress.

Add an exciting flair to your ethnic wardrobe by pairing your floral printed saree with a designer blouse from India’s high neck floral saree blouse collection. These eye-catching blouses look absolutely gorgeous when worn with silk cotton chiffon and Georgette sarees as well as lehenga dresses!

If your budget allows, experiment with an artistic boat neck blouse design. This piece can pair well with any saree of your choosing and makes an ideal outfit for engagements or day time Indian wedding guest looks.

This lovely Phantom Silk fabric saree blouse comes with a regular fit, is decorated with heavy thread zari work featuring sequins and embroidery work, has an open sweetheart neck in front, as well as V neck (back).

Floral Print Chiffon Saree with Matching Blouse

Floral printed blouses are one of the latest fashion trends and come in various colors, cuts, and designs to meet every occasion and event throughout the year. Perfect for every event!

Pairing a floral blouse with a plain saree is an effortless way to stand out at any event or party, yet can be difficult to pull off successfully without some helpful styling tips! However, once mastered you can pull this look off like a pro!

If you want something different and exclusive, try pairing your saree with a floral printed sleeveless blouse. This design creates an air of sensuous glam and works especially well when worn with chiffon, net or silk fabrics.

Another popular saree trend is a back cut design featuring embellished sleeves that is ideal for wedding or sangeet events and will give your saree an eye-catching aesthetic. This can give your look a dramatic makeover.

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