Manglik Dosh: Its Effects and Remedies in Vedic Astrology

Manglik dosha

The Manglik Dosh is one of the dosh with a tendency to have disastrous effects when the proper attention isn’t given to it prior to wedding. To start with it is essential to be aware of the Manglik meaning and the negative effects it may result in in the long-term.

The Manglik Dosh or Mangal Dosha is in the event that occurs when the planet Mars is situated in the first or second, fourth or seventh, eighth or 12th or twelfth bhava (house) in the Lagna in the horoscope of jatika or jataka. Mars is believed to be malefic when it is placed with other planets with negative astrological significance in the houses mentioned above.

Different astrologers look at the Mangal Dosh from different angles. In particular, some people consider it to be various angles. For example, some see it as the Lunar Lagna, while others might opt to taking it as a result of different angles. Solar Lagna. There are also a number of astrologers who study the Manglik Dosh From the viewpoint from the perspective Venus Lagna.

Manglik Dosh based on the location of Mars position in different houses:

  • Mars placed on the 1st house: In Vedic Astrology the house of first is believe as the home for the wife. The most common rule for Mangliks is that they should only marry fellow Mangliks. in the event of Mars having a place in the house of first should this rule not be strictly adhere to, it can cause conflict. There are instances where this can lead to undesirable behaviors such as physical violence or could lead to separation.
  • Mars is positioned on the left side of the house: If Mars is very active and has negative effects on the second house. It could result in drastic changes to the marriage therefore it is very important to do proper analysis of kundli matching before marriage of any individual. It can seriously harm the relationship and lead to divorce or a another marriage for the person who is affected.
  • Mars placed within the 4th house: Mars’s position within the 4th house may not bring about the calamity of divorce or separation. However it can bear an important influence on the relationship. This can affect the financial and professional lives as it causes the person to be unhappy with their job and confronting financial problems and other issues that are crucial to the growth of couples in today’s world.
  • Mars placed on the seventh house: As we’ve read previously, Mars is known to be a planet that’s very fiery in its nature. This is evident in the Manglik when Mars is in the seventh house of the Lagna. The person will display an angry attitude and appear quick-tempered. Additionally, the person tends to be dominant and will try to enforce their ideas on family members, causing disturbances.
  • Mars is positioned within the 8th house:– Extreme mood swings, turning extremely lazy and not capable of controlling your temper are typical characteristics Mangliks exhibit. Manglik can exhibit when Mars is within the 8th house. There is also a belief that a Manglik person could be extremely at risk of being into accidents.
  • Mars placed in the twelfth house: Mars’s occupation of the Lagna will result in the Manglik having a lot of issues with their mental health. There will be plenty of failings to deal with and it will cause the Manglik to feel down and deeply demoralized. In addition, failures can lead to an aggressive personality that brings many unrest in the household. There is also a tendency for people to take part in illicit activities. Read More

The impact from Manglik Dosh

The Impact of the Manglik Dhosh is void or voidable when a few conditions or rules are adhered to.

  1. Impact of Mars is thought to decrease the impact of Mars. If Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn are located in the first third, second or seventh, eighth or 12th bhavas in the same Kundli.
  2. In the event that Mars is the planet that ascends within the zodiacal that is located in Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn in the seventh house. It is likely that the Manglik Dosh is not able to affect the seventh house.
  3. Manglik Dosh is not prevalent If Mars is connect with Chandra, the Guru or Chandra (Sun or Moon).
  4. If both horoscopes share the same house it is believe that Manglik effects are insignificant.

Remedies for Manglik Dosh

Knowing the horoscope and making sure that it is analyse by a knowledgeable expert. It is crucial to avoid any negative consequences or identifying the Manglik dosha remedies . In addition there are a couple of chants such as Hanuman Chalisa. Chanting some of the words associated with Mangal (Mars) as well as repeating the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, which aids people. Now check our other intresting blogs on this site.

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