Maximizing Convenience – The Top ATM Features You Need to Know About in 2024


The fast-paced world of technology doesn’t spare any sector, ATM services included. Therefore, as we tread into the year 2024, you need to be well-acquainted with the new technological advancements that are revolutionizing solutions offered by Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). This article aims to enlighten you about the top ATM features you need to know for maximizing your convenience in banking transactions.

A marked shift has been observed from traditional to digital banking methods aiming to make financial transactions more accessible, secure, and hassle-free. ATMs, a fundamental component of the banking sector, have not been left behind. They have experienced a large-scale transformation to cater to modern customer needs and expectations.

Biometric Authentication

In the bid to enhance security in ATM transactions, financial institutions have introduced biometric authentication. Gone are the days when you only had to remember a secret pin code to transact. In 2024, banks have taken the leap to integrate biometric features like fingerprint and facial recognition into their ATM services. Through this technology, unauthorized access to your account can be prevented thereby giving you peace of mind during transactions.

Cardless Withdrawals

Another revolutionary feature is cardless withdrawals. You no longer need to worry about forgetting your ATM card at home or losing it somewhere. Financial institutions have integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into their ATMs to allow cardless transactions. By simply scanning a QR code on the ATM screen with your mobile banking app, you can access your account and execute transactions.

Currency Choice

In 2024, ATMs offer options to choose the denominations of cash you want to withdraw. This added flexibility means you don’t have to suffer the inconvenience of getting stuck with large bills when you need smaller ones.

Advanced ATM Machines

Some financial institutions are also launching advanced ATM machines, which offer a wide array of services like bill payments, mini statements, mobile and DTH recharge, and ticket booking services. These machines have transformed ATMs from mere cash dispensing machines to full-fledged kiosks serving multiple banking requirements for the consumers.

Bajaj Pay UPI

As mobile banking continues to surge forward, the advent of Bajaj Pay UPI (Unified Payment Interface) underlines the convenience of immediate money transfer through mobile devices round the clock. This mode of payment immensely enhances transaction convenience as you only need to know the receiver’s UPI ID to transfer funds. It is interoperable between banks and eliminates the need for an ATM entirely for day-to-day transactions. Bajaj Pay UPI is a step forward in the digital banking revolution, providing a fast, easy, and secure money transfer solution.

Real-Time Updates via SMS

In 2024, banks are maximizing convenience by providing real-time updates on ATM transactions. After each ATM transaction, you receive an SMS alert detailing the transaction amount, available balance, and even the ATM location. Instant SMS transaction alerts not only keep you updated about your financial activities but also help in tracking fraudulent activities, if any.

Live Customer Service

Banks are integrating live customer service assistance into their ATMs. By pressing the help button on an ATM, you can speak to a bank representative who can guide you through your transaction or resolve any issues you may have.Additionally, banks are implementing One-Time Passwords (OTPs) to enhance the security of transactions. When initiating a transaction, you may receive an OTP on your mobile device, which you will need to enter to proceed, ensuring that only authorized users can complete the transaction.


The year 2024 marks a significant shift from traditional to intelligent ATMs, offering more convenience, high-security, enhanced versatility, and broad functionality. Technologies like biometric authentication, cardless withdrawals, and Bajaj Pay UPI are reshaping the world of ATM banking to provide customers with superior service, higher security, and optimal convenience.

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