Monday Cost vs Smartsheets Cost – A Candid Review for 2022

Monday Cost vs Smartsheets Cost - A Candid Review for 2022

When deciding whether to use Smartsheets cost or Monday cost for your business, you should first decide what type of project management software is best for your business. These two software packages are very similar in some ways and can be used for the same purpose. Both offer customizable dashboard reports and a large number of features. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, you should check out Project Insight. It offers a centralized interface for team communication, expense estimation, resource management, task management, and budgeting.

Monday Cost

Smartsheet is a project management tool that is similar to Monday but differs in some ways. Its features include collaboration, third-party collaboration, and project tracking. It also has a streamlined interface with a low learning curve. On the other hand, Monday Cost offers more customization options and custom workflow solutions.

While Monday has a free version, Smartsheet offers paid plans and has an enterprise-focused focus. This makes it best for large companies. Whether you need a simple Kanban board for your team or a more complex project management system, Smartsheet is the better option. It also has a centralized interface and multiple payment plans.

Smartsheets Cost

When comparing the Smartsheets Cost and Monday, there are a few differences. While Smartsheet has a more spreadsheet-like user interface, Monday work management offers many customization options and custom-tailored workflow solutions. While Smartsheet has a higher cost, it is still more affordable than many project management tools.

Smartsheet has three plans for different types of users: Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise. Pro plans come with fewer features, while the Business and Enterprise plans come with unlimited sheets and collaborators. The Standard Business plan is a great choice for smaller businesses, offering core Smartsheet features. However, if you have several people in your company, you may want to consider the Enterprise plan. For this plan, you will pay between $21 and $75 a month.

Smartsheet has better customer support. Customers can call their support agents anytime they have questions. For instance, if you need to perform a budgeting task, you can use the 10,000ft integration for time tracking and resource management. Additionally, Smartsheets’ Bridge allows you to pull information from different locations and automate actions. For example, it can send out alerts to the right people when a shipment is delayed.

Smartsheet is easy to use. Its built-in import tool is convenient and excels at adding tools to your spreadsheets. It also has a conditional formatting tool that allows you to set parameters and highlight rows based on specific criteria. Smartsheet also has a bi-directional feature, which means that you can update reports with real-time updates to attached sheets.

Monday Software

When comparing project management tools, Monday Software vs Smartsheets Cost, you may be wondering which is better. There are several benefits to both products. While Monday is more customizable, Smartsheet has a more intuitive design. Smartsheets can be used to manage project tasks with ease, but Monday work management offers a plethora of customization options and custom-tailored workflow solutions.

Smartsheet offers three tiers of pricing, each offering varying levels of features. The first plan, called Pro, is free, while the second, called Advanced, has more features and costs more than $75 per month. The Pro plan allows three users, while the Business plan allows as many as twenty-five. If you’re looking to use Smartsheet for multiple projects, consider upgrading to the Business plan. This plan has unlimited sheets, as well as SSO integration with user directories.


A Smartsheet is similar to Excel, but it lacks a few advanced features that make it a more valuable project management tool. For example, importing data from Excel can be complicated and time-consuming, and you might lose conditional formatting or other customizations when doing so. Additionally, the interface is not intuitive, and it is hard to see how to create charts and other analyses without manually going through rows and columns.

To get started, you can sign up for a free trial. If you like the application and are confident that it will meet your needs, you can purchase a plan. Smartsheet offers three different plans: Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The Pro plan costs $21 per month for three users, while the Business costs $75 per user per month. You can use Smartsheet with as many people as you like, and you can even share your sheets with others.

Depending on your needs, you can upgrade to a premium plan if you want more features, such as advanced project management (PMP) features. Moreover, the Business plan offers more customization options, such as branding your account. You can also publish documents to a custom URL.

Both Smartsheet and Monday offer similar features, including real-time editing, task tracking, and collaboration. Both platforms allow you to add third-party collaborators and manage their permissions. While Monday offers more functionality and flexibility, it lacks Smartsheet’s collaborative features. You can view your team’s workload, modify task assignments, and visualize your work in a calendar view.

Smartsheet is positioned as a more comprehensive solution for enterprise-level projects. It provides several project views specialized for project management, such as a Gantt chart. It also has additional features such as budget tracking and automated reports.


It’s hard to say how much Monday costs, but it seems like the platform is popular. People are raving about it and the app appears to be growing at a rapid pace. Then, there are the low PPE and CapEx costs. That leaves the company with relatively low Costs of Goods Sold (COGS). Also, they’re headquartered in Israel, which is considerably cheaper than Silicon Valley, where salaries range from $200k to $500k. This is a big benefit because living costs in the Valley are very high and salary funds can easily be eaten up. With extra cash in hand, they can invest in the platform and kickstart the growth flywheel.

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