Pallet Racking: 5 Things You Must Know

pallet racking

Selective pallet racking is an ultimate solution for storing goods in a warehouse. Pallets hold several types of merchandise stacked on top of one another. Pallet storage can take many forms, but all are based on the same principle: storing things conveniently on pallets.

A suitable racking solution in your facility ensures greater staff productivity, improved efficiency, and maximum warehouse space. The challenge lies in identifying the most suitable pallet racking system.

Below are some essential things you should know about pallet racking.

Geographical Location

The importance of making proper considerations in geographical location cannot be overstated. The location of your storage facility will determine its vulnerability. If it is in a high seismic activity area, choose a pallet rack made from heavy-duty material with a more robust and compact design than those built in low seismic activity.

The building floor and subsoil are also important for the racking as they will determine your rack’s support and ability to withstand vulnerabilities such as earthquakes. Implementing proper beam sizing placement is vital to provide more durability and strength.

What Products Will Be In Your Pallet Racking?

You need to know what you will store on your pallet storage system. It will help you choose the pallet rack that suits your needs most. Storing food products becomes easy when you know the material of the pallet, as it plays a crucial part in ensuring the safety of your food storage.

The weight and size of your products will determine the rack that suits your warehouse best. You may need to stack your pallets for bulky products for optimum stability. The shape of your products will determine the dimension of the pallet rack.

Lifting Load

How will products and goods be lifted and fitted onto your pallets? The lifting mechanism will determine how effective the warehouse will be and how easily it will be to retrieve goods.

A forklift is one of the best tools to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of warehouse storage. The machine increases maneuverability and has a high lifting capacity. The width of the aisle will determine the kind of forklift to use.

Storage Area

Your building storage area and the building support column will determine your project budget. Check on your interior ceiling height to help you figure out the most appropriate racking system for your business. The storage area will also determine the most appropriate way to arrange the racks so that there is maximum use of the space.

Design of the Racks

A sturdy, robust, and heavy-duty pallet guarantees secure and safe rack for employees and products. A good rack should have a uniform clearance between the storage bays. Frames should exhibit braces of a well-controlled process and be precise.

Godrej manufacturers provide good solutions for racks. The racks are of good quality, which makes up for a good industrial storage need. Working with pallet rack manufacturers helps you get an optimal design that is both favorable to your location and your specific need.

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