How Personal Loan Interest Rates Affect Your Finances

personal loan interest rates

A loan of any kind is a financial obligation that you are legally bound to fulfil. For the tenure, that is, duration, of the loan, this responsibility remains and you have to ensure that arrangements are made to handle it. For many people, especially youngsters, this is a sobering thought that often makes them hesitate to look for a loan when they have a need for finances. However, this need not be the case. Doing the groundwork to get the best personal loan interest rates ensures that you can keep the impact of your loan minimal. What is important is for you to do the groundwork to understand how exactly these rates can impact your financial health now and throughout the duration of the loan.

Why should you pay attention to the interest rates?

The interest rate of the loan you take is of paramount importance and one of the most critical things to meticulously attend to when you sign up for your loan. The best personal loan in Bangalore for you is not the one that covers your entire need for funds; it is the one that can do this job without placing too big a burden upon you.

The interest rate is something that impacts your cash flow situation month after month for a long term. Any expense that you have to bear during these months will need to be undertaken only after making provision for the loan repayment. Since the loan repayment amount that you pay each month, that is, your EMI, hinges upon your interest rates, the rate affects your spending ability significantly.

Committing to low personal loan interest rates allows you to have better freedom and flexibility with your cash flows for the duration of the entire loan. This is why it is so important to pay attention to not just loan amount but the loan interest rate when you take your loan.

When the prevailing interest rates are high

Interest rates are never stagnant. They keep fluctuating depending on a host of factors. One thing that you can do to get the best personal loan in Bangalore in terms of affordable interest rate is to put off your expense until the rates dip. However, if the loan is to meet an urgent need for funds or an expense that cannot be put off in any way, then too there are some strategies you can use to control your interest pay out to some extent.

  • Keep your loan amount limited: The simplest way is to minimize the loan amount you take. Use your savings to finance part of the expense and avoid taking a loan to cover the entire amount. This allows you to keep your loan minimal and thus the interest pay out also reduces since it is calculated only on the amount borrowed. If the interest is at all-time high but there is no way for you to postpone the expense, this is a solution you can adopt.
  • Look for secured loans: There are two kinds of personal loans- unsecured and secured. Secured loans are slightly cheaper options because they have an asset underpinning the loan. That is, you place something valuable as the collateral against which the lender gives you a loan. The asset allows the lender to take on the risk without charging you a high interest because he has a lien over it. That means, if you fail to repay the loan, he can sell your asset and make good the money you have left unpaid. This strategy too works well to keep your interest rates low but it places your asset at a risk.
  • Go to your existing lender: Most times, the easiest way to get the best nbfc personal loan in Bangalore with the most attractive rates is to ask the lender with whom you already have a good relationship. For example, if you have a running car loan or bike loan from one lender and you have maintained a great relationship by paying dues on time, the lender knows you are a good risk to take. He is likely to give you a loan with affordable interest because he is aware of your credit history with him, which is advantageous for him. As a good customer, you become eligible for attractive personal loan interest rates from the same lender.  

Understanding the impact of the interest rate before signing up for your loan allows you to be prepared to the commitment and to take the right steps beforehand to reduce the financial burden upon yourself.

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