Piso WiFi Pause

Piso wifi pause is an invaluable feature for internet users who need a break from the web. This enables them to pause their connection and resume it when they are ready.

To set the pause time, the user must log into the Admin Portal and click on “Set Up.” They will then be prompted to enter their personal information as well as the WiFi network SSID they are connected to.

Admin portal Piso WiFi Pause admin portal allows users to customize their network settings and manage passwords, users, and bandwidth with ease.

Piso wifi Pause’s administration portal was designed with ease of use in mind, regardless of technical proficiency. It strives to close the digital divide in the Philippines by offering free internet access for everyone.

Furthermore, it’s an effective way to save money on internet services. This option is especially advantageous for those who cannot afford expensive internet packages.

To gain access to the admin portal of a Piso WiFi network, the owner must first connect to it using an internet-connected device. They then open a web browser and enter’s IP address into the URL bar; this will give them various settings and features like pause time.

Default IP address

Generally, any device connecting to the internet uses an IP address. This private address consists of four eight-bit numbers and serves as a unique identifier for each device.

Most routers come with a default IP address of, making it easy to remember and use for setting up a home or business network. Additionally, this address allows access to the router’s web-based interface where users can update settings or check on their network status.

Piso wifi pause is a feature that allows users to temporarily suspend their internet connection for an amount of time, which can be useful when managing bandwidth and preventing hackers from guessing your IP address and stealing personal information.

Adjusting pause time for each user

Piso wifi pause is an invaluable feature for those who need to take a break from the internet. It helps avoid wasting data when downloading large files or watching videos online.

If you want to customize the pause time for each user of your Piso wifi router, it’s simple. Just log into the router’s web interface and select the pause option.

When selecting a pause time for your device, it’s essential to pick the correct option. You can select either an exact period or specify an interval during which your connection will stop working.

The pause time function is an effective way to control bandwidth and prevent hackers from guessing your IP address. It’s especially useful if you’re away on vacation and don’t want your data being consumed on public networks.

Managing pause time

Piso wifi pause is an invaluable function that helps you conserve data and prevent hackers from guessing your IP address. This feature is especially beneficial for those who access public WiFi networks.

Piso Wi-Fi, the Philippines’ leading internet provider, offers this convenient service with an easy setup process and daily 15 minute allocation of WiFi time.

Piso wifi network administrators can adjust pause times for each user and select which devices are affected by this setting via the Admin portal. This tool gives you complete control over how long pauses last on each connection.

Piso wifi pause time can be set on three levels: across all devices, on each device assigned to a Profile, or for just one specific device. Each level offers its own advantages that can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Change Your Pause Time

Setting a pause time is an efficient way to manage your bandwidth consumption and stop hackers from guessing your IP address. Additionally, it enables you to disconnect your internet connection when needed, saving both money and data.

To alter your pause time on Piso wifi pause, you need to visit the Piso wifi pause website. You can access this page by typing into your web browser’s address bar or launching an app on your device and typing in

Piso wifi owners can benefit from a pause feature designed to manage network traffic and discourage users from overusing it. It can be activated manually or automatically after an amount of time passes or data has been consumed.

Piso wifi networks feature a pause feature that can be configured to allow or deny access based on time, bandwidth, and user status. Furthermore, this feature can be set to activate automatically after a predefined number of minutes or hours have elapsed, making it an efficient tool for network traffic management.

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