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Mobile internet traffic is currently the best. For example, according to e-commerce store statistics, it accounts for about 56.2%. Despite having a higher conversion rate than mobile users, it has increased significantly to 34.5% over desktop users. At, iOS app developers in Houston we make the best mobile applications globally.

This shows that mobile users have great potential to convert traffic into monetary value. Therefore, websites are a huge traffic source and need mobile-friendly. At, iOS developers in Houston users prefer to use mobile devices for browsing but choose larger devices such as desktops and tablets for the actual purchase. It doesn’t eliminate the need to make your site mobile-friendly. This is because valuable traffic leads to a significant amount of sales.


Users can browse the web more comfortably on their smartphones than on large devices such as laptops and desktops. You can easily navigate your daily life on your mobile phone. B. Coffee shop, grocery store, park, or in the car. Larger devices need to be easier to use. Therefore, it is not the most convenient for the user. Desktop users report higher conversion rates because it’s easy to navigate. Users may prefer to shop on larger devices because everything looks good.


As more and more people access the internet via smartphones and tablets, mobile app development presents a unique opportunity to reach many potential consumers. According to recent research, app downloads will grow to $200 billion by 2017, resulting in mobile app revenue of $63.5 billion. These extraordinary numbers are the continued growth of smartphone and tablet sales.  

Not only did sales of smartphones and tablets increase, but the number of mobile apps installed also increased dramatically. Two-thirds of that percentage are regular mobile app users. These statistics show that mobile apps offer a unique opportunity to connect with a whole new type of customer who is constantly connected to the internet and global trading space. Mobile apps are instantly accessible to millions of new customers. All you have to do is build an effective app and get the results.


The mobile-first design means that you need to adapt well to different screen sizes. How you choose your screen sizes, such as price and performance, depends on the manufacturer. The surface size of responsive web design is not fixed. Therefore, it automatically adapts to your screen size requirements. Therefore, users can easily navigate, zoom, and pan within the website. Sticking to responsive web design is a worthwhile investment, as mobile traffic will likely increase. There are two ways to achieve responsive web design:

  • Progressive Advance
  • Graceful Degradation

Progressive Advanced:

It is the first website to fit smaller devices than larger ones. The first step is to add minimal functionality before adding high levels of effects and interactions to large appliances such as PCs and tablets. The base version works well on small devices, and the advanced version is suitable for large machines.

Graceful Degradation:

The opposite of Progressive Advancement is to start building high-level versions of your website. The next step is to minimize some content and features that optimize your website for mobile devices.

Progressive Evolution is the best because it facilitates the evolution process. Graceful Degradation can create complex websites that can be difficult to adapt to mobile devices. This is because developers can focus on completing the most complex features without considering whether they will work on smaller devices. Minimizing functionality can make your website less functional than it should be.


Your website is your most important traffic source, so it should be mobile-friendly. By the help of our iOS developers in Houston, you can quickly achieve reasonable conversion rates and take advantage of mobile-first design. Desktop traffic is declining as smartphones are sold more than ever. Therefore, from a business point of view, it is advisable to make your website mobile-friendly to adapt to market trends. People walk around with their mobile devices almost everywhere and have more screen time than desktop users. You don’t want to miss the massive traffic flow, so you must accommodate them on your website. Your content and navigation strategy should be customizable, so your site can be accessed from any device.

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