Reasons Why Your AC is Blowing Hot Air and How to Fix It

Reasons Why Your AC is Blowing Hot Air and How to Fix It - AC Services

It is extremely frustrating when you come to your home after a hectic office routine and can’t get cool on a hot day, even though your AC sounds like it is working properly. “What is wrong with you now?” you yell, but it can not tell you, you have to find out the issue yourself. You can trace the factors that are contributing to the hot air coming out of your AC on your own if you have professional skills and tools. Otherwise, you can book AC services in Karachi for effective inspection and maintenance.

Reasons Why Your AC is Blowing Hot Air

If your air conditioner is not blowing cold air even after you have set a lower temperature on your thermostat, it means there is something wrong with your AC. You should find out the issue and resolve it before it develops into an expensive repair.

In this article, you will come to know some common reasons for your AC blowing hot air. You can keep these reasons in mind and act accordingly to make your unit perform optimally.

Incorrect Thermostat Setting

First of all, you should check your thermostat whether the right temperature is set or not. If the temperature on your thermostat is not set correctly, you can change it according to your need.

Sometimes, it happens that you set a temperature at the thermostat but your air conditioner does not cool your home properly. If you are facing this problem, there is no need to alter the thermostat’s temperature again and again.

Instead, let an expert look into the situation, trace the problem, and resolve it. You can book AC repair services in Karachi for on-time and hassle-free repair of your faulty thermostat.

Leaky Refrigerant

If your air conditioning unit is not cooling your home at all or taking ages, it means something is wrong with it. You should switch off your AC, inspect it thoroughly, and find out what is troubling it and is not letting it cool down your home.

There can be multiple factors for this problem. One of the most common factors is no or less refrigerant which leads to no cooling.

So, you should get your unit’s refrigerant refilled as soon as possible. But one thing that should be addressed before filling it, is to repair the leak of the refrigerant cylinder.

You should book an expert AC technician to repair the leak first and then refill the refrigerant. It will make your AC work optimally again.

Clogged Air Filters

When you do not clean your AC filters for a longer time and keep using your unit day and night, the dust and dirt accumulate in the filters. These clogged air filters do not let the air pass through easily.

These air filters block the passage of cool air and let no or very less air reach you. That is why you sweat instead of sitting right under the air conditioning unit.

The best remedy to this problem is to replace your dirty air filters. How can you do it? The best option is to book AC installation services in Karachi to replace your AC filters professionally. You can also book our cleaning services for sofa cleaning services.

So, do not delay it anymore, and act to replace your unit’s dirty air filters. Otherwise, these can impart multiple malfunctionings to your unit.

Leaky Ducts

The ducts installed in your house supply cool air throughout your house making every corner cool and comfortable. But sometimes, it happens that your house’s duct system gets a crack or a leak.

This leak not only damages the duct system of your home but also mixes warm air with cold air. It results in heating your home that makes you sweat on the long hot days of summer.

That is why you should try to fix your leaky ducts as soon as possible. This is a task you can not do on your own. But it requires a professional technician’s help.

That is why you should not mess with your leaky ducts on your own. And let a professional AC technician look into the situation and fix it.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils absorb the hot air from the surroundings and cool it down through refrigeration. But sometimes, you do not maintain these evaporator coils properly due to which dust and dirt accumulate in them.

When the evaporator coils are dust loaded, their ability to absorb the cold air is diminished. In this way, they do not cool down your house properly.

Therefore, you should keep your evaporator coils cleaned and maintained regularly. You can maintain them on your own or book general AC services in Lahore.

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