Make Money Recycling Cardboard: Where And How To Sell Used Cardboard

Cardboard Boxes

Unwanted cardboard boxes are a common thing to see in every household, office, and another place. They keep getting piled inside our storerooms and are useless as they don’t have any purpose.  But are you aware that they can be pretty helpful in making some bucks! Yes, that’s right! These boxes can be advantageous if you have some cardboard in your space. You need to sell them to make some extra money. 

Make Money by Recycling Cardboard Boxes

Learn about the methods to recycle these cardboard packaging boxes quickly and reliably. Plus, we will assist you in finding the best places to sell them. But, first, let’s understand how it is possible to sell them?

How Can you sell Cardboard Boxes and get money in return?

First of all, yes! It is genuinely possible to sell your cardboard and earn money. The reason is that they aren’t useless; they can be recycled and utilized for various other resources such as recycled tissue boxes, cereal boxes, etc. Plus, you will save the environment by reducing the waste you send to the landfills.

Places to sell cardboard packs and ways to sell

So if you entertain the idea of getting some extra bucks with cardboard packs, here is your chance. 


This website has been linking and connecting the sellers and buyers for selling decorating cardboard boxes since 2008. They accept over 13 types of cardboard categories and get the buyer for them with varying prices. 

How to sell

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  • Go to their website
  • Click on the button “sell boxes now.”
  • Type the dimensions of your boxes on the next page
  • The next step is to tell the quantity of cardboard
  • Now click on continue
  • Now the page will redirect you to the “new seller account” page
  • There you will make your account to sell your boxes
  • Now you need to wait for someone to take your offer
  • After selling your product, the website gives you a share of the profit from selling through their website.

Box smart

It has been in the market since 1999, providing a platform for many sellers to trade with other buyers. They accept sheets, pads, and inserts as well. You will not find the price list, so you need to call them for that.

How to sell

  • Visit the website
  • At the page’s top, select the “sell box.”
  • You can choose from “Used boxes” and “used gaylords.”
  • Redirected to another page
  • Here you will provide your information at the bottom
  • Now you will have to click on some options: firstly at “Ongoing supply” then “one time.”
  • The next page asks to input the box information
  • After filling up the options, click on “submit.”
  • Now you wait


It is a site where you have unlimited use as they help trade more than large cardboard boxes, such as cars, apartments, garage sales, etc.  It shows the sellers and their products according to the desired location. Unlike the above-mentioned websites, you have the advantage of bidding your price and waiting for potential buyers to show up.

How to sell

  • Visit website
  • It will redirect to the page with accordance to your location
  • Tap on “create a post.”
  • You will be redirected to another page
  • Now click on “for sale by owner,” then click to continue
  • Noe chooses “garage and moving sales.”
  • Tap on continue
  • Now you will need to fill out the form for the information about cardboard boxes
  • Upload clear photos of your product
  • Now click on “publish.” 

Duffy Box: Another type of Cardboard Boxes

This website is essential for selling tons of piles of cardboard. It is the oldest website that has accepted recycling cardboard for 92 years. Like box smart, they also buy boxes from you, recycle them and then sell them to other companies. 

How to sell

  • Visit the website
  • In the page’s middle, you will find the option “contact us today” click on it.
  • Your email will be automatically opened. 
  • You will already write the Duffy box email address on the receipt section.
  • Give essential information such as your name, address, contact number, and cardboard box.
  • Now send the email
  • And wait for the company to reply to you back

There is another way to connect with the website:

  • Go to their website
  • Now click on “contact us.”
  • You will see a form for “contact us” fill it
  • Inform about your name, email address, and the company(if there is one)
  • Type the message consisting of the type of boxes you are selling, the number of boxes, and their condition
  • Click on send, and you wait for their response through email


It has been processing and recycling old scrappy materials such as plastic, paper, metals, cardboard boxes, etc. It allows and accepts the selling of all kinds of boxes with every type of consolation. You can sell your cardboard storage boxes here. 

How to sell

  • Visit their website
  • On the top right corner side, you will see the three-line menu icon
  • Click on that menu
  • Under the “sell Your Scrap” category, you will find the option of “paper” select it.
  • At the end of the section, you will find the option of “contact pandos.”
  • Add in your full name with your email address, phone number, location, and preferred contact number.
  • Submit it and wait for the pandas to contact you
  • A representative will soon call you to get further information 

Where can I find the cardboard packs to sell?

You can find the custom packaging of card boxes almost anywhere and everywhere. It is simple and easy to search at any place. We have compiled some places where you can find the cardboards quickly to sell:

  • Ask family and friends for unused cardboard packs lying around. You can use those boxes to sell.
  • You can even ask retail stores or grocery stores for the boxes that are useless to them as they have numerous boxes daily from different companies.
  • Get boxes from the restaurants as they too use them for storing foods and then after that use, it lies in their store rooms. The suggestion is to use the dry food boxes as they are not damaged like those containing wet ingredients. 
  • You can even visit a website where they help you find the card box in the streets or other places. Some popular websites for this purpose are “freecycle” and “next door.”

Final words 

Making money through recycling and selling cardboard boxes through various websites and connections. It is an effective way to ensure that these boxes come into some usefulness instead of becoming waste. And increasing the waste landfill adds air and soil pollution every day. Use the websites mentioned above to sell cardboard packs quickly. Follow the step-by-step guide on how to get the job done. Hopefully, this article has enlightened you with ways and tricks to trade your boxes effectively and efficiently. 

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