What are the side effects of masturbation when done excessive?

side effects of masturbation

According to several researchers, masturbation is a healthy sex practice and an entirely natural activity for all humans. Yet when done excessively, there are numerous side effects of masturbation that most of us aren’t aware of. 

For some men, everyday masturbation is normal, while for others, it is excessive. You must be alright so long as masturbation does not influence your overall energy levels or interfere with your everyday life and activities. However, few sex specialists consider everyday masturbation excessive. Further, the side effect of masturbation daily include weakness, weariness, and premature ejaculation, as well as hindering sexual activity with your partner.

In contrast, a lack of frequent orgasms may raise stress and contribute to mental health difficulties, dissatisfaction, and overall unhappiness. Yet, the stress-relieving and mood-stabilizing effects of masturbation make you healthy and happier. Many men engage in over-masturbation for their enjoyment. Yet, males with no female partners may tend to engage excessively. Males have varying opinions about masturbation. Some may also believe that everyday masturbation is inappropriate. Regardless of your perception of masturbation, IASH India brings the side effects of masturbation excessive that everyone should be aware of. 

Side Effects Of Masturbation That Everyone Must Be Aware Of

So there are a few side effects of masturbation over doing which we list below:

1. It might cause premature ejaculation

Men have questions about the effects of indulging in daily ejaculation. One of the potential negative effects of everyday masturbation is nerve injury. So this might result in premature ejaculation when sleeping or might cause nightfall or even during sexual activity in bed. Hence avoid excessive masturbation.

2. Causes fatigue

Yes, you will feel exhausted after excessive masturbation. It’s acceptable to engage in masturbation three to four times each week. However, you will fatigue after engaging in the act of self-pleasure. In addition, excessive masturbation might cause you to become weak. So, this is among the other side effects of masturbation.

3. May cause penile damage

Daily masturbation may create penile injuries due to the constant use of one hand for pleasure. Using the hand or stroking the genitalia may result in injuries and wounds. Further, masturbation could also create wounds on the penile chambers in men.

4. Disturbs Mental Focus

This is among the most detrimental side effects of masturbation. So daily masturbation will disrupt your mental concentration. Further, it will interfere with your everyday tasks or workplace duties if it enters your thoughts. After masturbation, many men cannot focus on their examinations or everyday duties.

5. At times, may cause difficulties in relationships

Self-pleasure is a safe and secure activity. However, some men may experience discomfort when having sex with their partners. Additionally, few men report that they ejaculate quickly while having sex.

6. Might cause testicular pain

Masturbating excessively daily is risky. Daily masturbation may result in severe testicular discomfort.

7. Swollen genitals

Oedema, a disorder in which the penis swells owing to constant irritation, may be caused by excessive masturbation.

8. Redness and tenderness of the skin

Extreme pressure or dragging may create redness and tenderness of the skin, which can result in rashes. Further, this may also raise the likelihood of skin infections due to using substandard lubricants or unclean hands.

9. Social distancing

Masturbation addiction is among the reasons, according to psychology research, why males may avoid social meetings and activities. The person with this addiction prefers to remain at home rather than go out. Further, most of his time is spent in his room because he is addicted to masturbation. He also avoids attending public gatherings. And this is also among the side effects of masturbation.

How To Deal With The Side Effects Of Masturbation?

Masturbation is healthy, but excessive or addiction may be dangerous. Numerous individuals are obsessed with masturbation and have a great desire to quit. Moreover, the reliance on self-stimulation might induce guilt and begin to harm the individual mentally. So if you are dealing with side effects of masturbation or wish to quit, here are some ways to do so:

  • Abstaining from sexual content might assist your thinking focus on more relevant and productive tasks.
  • Deal with sexual problems irrespective of whether they result from a medical or psychological cause.
  • Sleep on time. Spending excessive time in bed before falling asleep might cause your thoughts to roam to several other materials accessible on the internet. Further, some of this information may induce arousal and result in masturbation.
  • The act of masturbation is normal for both men and women. When it causes health difficulties, consult a health expert. If you are experiencing symptoms like discomfort, a strange odor, or bloody sperm or urine, you should contact the best sexologist in Jaipur to get medical attention.


Masturbation isn’t harmful. Yet, when done excessively, you might encounter some side effects of masturbation. Hence, it is always better to do it in moderation. No matter what, if there is any concern, contact the IASHIndia specialists. 

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