Step-By-Step Guide to Clean an AC

Your AC is not only a luxury but also an investment. So, you should ensure proper maintenance to enjoy optimal functioning, a long life span, and high resale value. How can you keep your AC in top condition? There are two ways to do this: you can either book a professional for routine services or get the cleaning done at home.

Booking a professional for AC services in Karachi has become so easy that most people choose this option. Online booking of an AC expert means you will not have to go to the market searching for a reliable technician.

Nor do you have to ask your friends for referrals and make multiple calls to ensure the technician’s arrival.

Plus, the online booking of an AC expert implies that you will be able to know about his expertise through the customer reviews available on his or his company’s website.

On the other hand, if you want to clean your AC yourself, you have to manage time and be handy with the right techniques. Can you handle these? Then here is a simple guide that will allow you to clean yours easily:

4 Easy Steps – Window Air Conditioner Filter

Regular cleaning of a window air conditioner filter during the cooling season is essential. These devices usually have a plastic filter to slide out of the house. It is located at the front, at the top, at the base, or on the side.

Read the manufacturer’s user manual carefully before removing the filter, as the procedure may differ from one device to another. On some models, you have to open the front panel to remove it.

  1. Open the grille at the front of the air conditioner.
  2. Remove the filter very gently – without forcing – to wash it.
  3. Clean it by running it under running water.
  4. Let it dry well before putting it back in place.

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2 Easy Steps – Central Air Conditioner Filter

Cleaning the filter of a central air conditioner is a priority to ensure its proper functioning. The filter that traps dust and other airborne elements is usually on the inside. It is located near the boiler, at the start of the air duct system, under a grille or a plate.

  1. Take it out once a month to check it. In a month of heavy use, it got covered in dirt.
  2. If your system has a disposable filter, just put in a new one: check the direction of the arrows on the filter; they indicate the direction of the air circulation.

If it is a reusable aluminum or plastic filter, take it out and wash it with a garden hose: let it dry upright before replacing it in the device.

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11 Easy Steps – Central Outdoor Air Unit

The cleaning of the outdoor air unit is necessary once a year before the operating season. Do this more often if you live near a dirt road or other source of dust.

  1. First, turn off the unit using the circuit breaker or electrical switch, not the thermostat.
  2. The electrical parts are, in principle, well insulated from the weather, but check that they are nowhere exposed.
  3. Otherwise, contact a technician.
  4. Remove the grille and the panel above the outdoor unit.
  5. These two elements have nuts that are easy to unscrew using an adjustable wrench. Also, remove the cover that protects the wires wrapped around the device.
  6. It is usually fixed to the base by screws or bolts.
  7. Carefully wrap the fan motor and all other exposed electrical parts in trash bags.
  8. Gently brush the dirt from the outer fins and coil with a stiff bristle brush.
  9. Wet the unit from the inside out using your garden hose to rid the coil of grass blades, twigs, and other debris.
  10. With the jet, also remove insects that can block the air intake and damage the electronic components of your unit.
  11. Do not use chemical cleaning products, brushes, or high-pressure cleaners to avoid damaging the delicate aluminum fins.

The dirt of all kinds accumulates around the cooling elements and on the filters, thus reducing the passage of air: this forces the machine to work harder and consume more electricity than necessary. Follow this easy guide, and it won’t be as demanding for you to clean your air conditioner.

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