Suzuki New Model Bikes Features and Upgrades Reviewed 

Suzuki new model bikes

Suzuki has always been one of the most trusted names in the world of two-wheelers. The Japanese automaker has been delighting riders across the globe with its sleek, powerful, and reliable bikes for decades. In recent years, Suzuki has been making waves with its new model bikes that are loaded with features, upgrades, and cutting-edge technology.

Suzuki new model bikes are designed to cater to the needs and demands of modern-day riders who seek speed, comfort, and style. The brand has been constantly pushing the envelope to come up with bikes that are innovative, efficient, and high-performing. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top features and upgrades of Suzuki’s new model bikes:

Advanced Technology

Suzuki has been harnessing the power of technology to give its bikes an edge over the competition. The brand has been investing heavily in research and development to come up with new and innovative features that enhance the riding experience. One of the latest technologies that Suzuki has introduced is the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS).

The SIRS is designed to provide riders with a more efficient and comfortable riding experience. It uses a range of sensors to monitor the bike’s performance, including the engine, suspension, and brakes. It also provides real-time feedback to the rider through a digital display panel. This system helps riders to adjust settings to suit their riding style and preferences.

Another advanced technology that Suzuki has been using in its new model bikes is the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS). This feature allows riders to select different driving modes to suit different conditions. The bike can be set in one of three modes – A, B, or C – each with its own unique characteristics. The A mode is for high-performance riding, the B mode is for normal conditions, while the C mode is for slippery surfaces.

Comfort and Convenience

Suzuki new model bikes are designed to provide riders with optimal comfort and convenience. The brand has been focused on making bikes that are easy to ride, even for beginners. One of the ways that Suzuki has achieved this is through its ergonomic design. The brand has been investing in research to come up with design features that provide riders with a relaxed and natural riding position.

Suzuki has also been working on improving the suspension system of its bikes to provide a smoother ride. The brand has been using advanced suspension technology, including inverted front forks, to enhance the bike’s handling and stability. This makes Suzuki new model bikes more comfortable and enjoyable to ride.

Suzuki has also been adding convenient features to its new model bikes to make them more user-friendly. For example, many of its bikes come with a smart key system that allows riders to start the engine without having to insert a key. This feature is particularly useful for riders who frequently need to start and stop the engine during their rides.

Performance and Upgrades

Suzuki has always been synonymous with high-performance bikes. The brand has been constantly pushing the envelope to come up with bikes that are faster, lighter, and more agile. One of the most notable upgrades in Suzuki’s new model bikes is the new engine technology. The brand has been using advanced engines that deliver more power and torque with improved fuel efficiency.

Suzuki has also been upgrading the brakes and tires of its bikes to improve their handling and performance. Many of its new model bikes come equipped with disc brakes that provide superior stopping power. The brand has also been using tubeless tires that provide better grip and traction on the road.

Suzuki has also been adding a range of customization options to its new model bikes. The brand recognizes that riders have unique preferences when it comes to the look and feel of their bikes. For this reason, Suzuki has been offering a range of customization options, including different color schemes and decals.


Suzuki’s new model bikes are a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and constant improvement. The Japanese automaker has been investing in advanced technology, ergonomic design, and high-performance upgrades to provide riders with the ultimate riding experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, there’s a Suzuki new model bike out there that’s perfect for you.

From advanced ride systems and intelligent drive modes to comfortable handling and customisable options, Suzuki new model bikes have it all. If you’re in the market for a new bike, be sure to check out Suzuki’s latest offerings. With a Suzuki bike, you’ll be joining a rich history of riders who have enjoyed the unparalleled performance and style that Suzuki is known for. You can easily finance your bike purchase with Bajaj Finserv Two-wheeler Loans.

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