The Alienware Aurora Gaming PC

Alienware aurora 2019 is a gaming PC designed to deliver immersive, high-resolution gameplay. It boasts the latest Intel processors and Nvidia graphics cards.

The Aurora R13 boasts a sleek design that makes it convenient to access and looks good on desk. It’s ideal for gamers looking to upgrade their gaming PCs, as components can easily be opened and swapped out.

Powered by the latest 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processors

The Aurora line has long been a fan favorite in PC gaming due to its stylish design, powerful hardware specifications and easy upgradeability. That sentiment remains unchanged with this latest iteration of the R13 model as well.

The 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processors represent a monumental leap forward in speed and performance, offering users unparalleled everyday computing with the latest hybrid architecture. Whether playing games or taking on complex multitasking tasks, the Aurora R13’s powerful processors will drastically boost your productivity levels.

The custom motherboard design places all other components – CPU, graphics card, memory and SSD – within easy reach. This is an enormous benefit for those who wish to upgrade their desktops over time but are intimidated by the prospect of disassembling and swapping out hardware components.

Powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics

Alienware aurora gaming PC is a compact mid-tower that features NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics. These cards boast ray tracing and DLSS technology for the most immersive gaming experiences.

In addition to these features, the Aurora also supports up to 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processors and AMD Ryzen 5 processors – making it a formidable esports machine for competitive gaming.

No matter your level of gaming expertise, this rig is an ideal budget-friendly choice that can handle the latest titles at high settings. Furthermore, its open architecture makes upgrading easy – simply open and swap out components without needing special tools!

Powered by Windows 11

The Aurora is an impressive gaming PC, boasting top-tier components for experienced gamers. It’s also ideal for creative professionals who require a powerful machine with plenty of future-proofing potential.

Alienware’s Aurora case design draws inspiration from their signature sci-fi aesthetic. This white ovular shape looks like it could emerge from an alien pod and be ready to take on whatever comes its way.

Alienware’s Aurora gaming PC stands out with its futuristic design and transparent windows, as well as internal lighting that can be customized through the included AW Command Center application. To further add to this unique experience, the Aurora also comes equipped with one of Alienware’s first gaming PCs to offer wireless internet access and LED interior illumination – perfect for gaming in any light condition!

The system also boasts a new chassis with improved thermal performance and quieter audio, making it a better gaming option than previous Aurora models, which were often noisy and had inadequate cooling.

Powered by Alienware

Alienware has long been a standout brand in the PC gaming community, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. Their machines remain highly sought-after with Dell-level support and custom hardware options available.

The Aurora R13, featuring Alienware’s newest Legend 2.0 chassis design, offers top-of-the-line components for gaming at its peak performance. This highly customizable and attractive rig will last for years to come.

Besides its excellent build quality and strong manufacturer’s warranty, the Aurora also comes equipped with some impressive hardware features. For instance, its SSD is fast enough to transfer 25GB of multimedia files in under two minutes, and its 3D XPOINT technology (based on breakthrough materials that can switch states 1000x faster than NAND SSDs) ensures quick response time to gaming commands. Moreover, you have your pick of RGB lighting patterns which can be toggled individually or combined, allowing you to pick which works best for the games you play.

ns – making it even more appealing for gamers who require quieter gameplay.

Customizable RGB lighting

The Alienware aurora gaming PC boasts a futuristic design and customizable RGB lighting that will surely turn heads. It supports the latest high-end components for playing modern games at their highest resolutions, plus its internal design makes upgrading easy – you can even pull out the power supply and swap in a new graphics card or more storage without needing any hardware modification!

Alienware provides gamers with a range of features they’ve come to expect, such as an updated Command Center with auto-tuned game profiles and intuitive overclocking options. Furthermore, its thermal control module can monitor internal temperatures and adjust fans accordingly for efficient heat removal while still keeping your system healthy.

Customize your aurora’s RGB lights with a range of software and accessories, such as ASRock Polychrome Sync, MSI Mystic Light and HyperX NGenuity. Some of these items also work with third-party open source software like Project Artemis or OpenRGB.

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