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Tape-in extensions are among the most popular hair extension methods because they are easy to use, lightweight, and almost undetectable because they lay flat against the scalp. The most significant benefit of tape in hair extensions is that they are the lightest and least damaging type of permanent extension available, making them ideal for all hair types from extremely fine to thick.

A non-slip, medical-grade adhesive keeps tape in hair extensions in place. Every 6-8 weeks, the tape in hair extensions is locked in place until they are ready to be moved up. Tape-In Extensions are made of 100% Remy Human Hair and come in a range of lengths and hues to give you the luxuriant hair you’ve always desired.

The hair extension market is so flooded with brands that charge too much, deliver lackluster results and fail to live up to the promises on their websites. That’s why our loyal customers have begged us to create permanent Tape hair extensions. After months in the making, we’ve designed the most utterly sweet and incredible Tape hair extensions range. Tape hair extensions are a fairly new application method in the hair extension world but they’re already extremely popular! You can apply them yourself or take them to your local hairdresser for application. They generally last between 4-8 weeks depending on how well you take care of them and depending on your routine for styling your own hair


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tape extensions

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Tape-in human extensions are great for an instant hair transformation. You can add instant length and volume and wear it in different hairstyles. Tape-In human extensions are a big investment; therefore, you’ll want them to last. After all, proper care means a longer lifespan.

The biggest difference between human extensions and your hair is that they are not connected to your scalp. Your scalp creates oils that lubricate and nourish your natural hair. The tape-in hair extension takes significantly more care, especially if it is permanent and worn every day.

Tape extensions balayage come in packs of 20 individual pieces; if you have thin/fine hair 40 pieces should do it; medium thickness 60-80 pieces or thick 80+ pieces are ideal

Important tips when looking for tape extensions

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Halo Couture offers a range of human Remy hair, which is known to be of high quality. It is important to know that there are different grades within the category of human Remy hair. Halo Couture offers the highest grade available and at a great price! Halo Couture also uses blue tape, which is better for your hair and gives you a better finish than cheaper alternatives. Our staff are skilled in applying for extensions and can help bring out your true beauty with a confident application.

Using tape in extensions is a straightforward process. You glue them to your hair with medical-grade glue and leave them for a few weeks until your hair grows significantly to make them visible. As your hair continues growing, you will need the tape ins to be readjusted.

Anything of high quality is more likely to outlast something of inferior quality. If you wear non-Remy and low-quality tape in extensions, you should not expect them to last as long as virgin Remy human extensions because they are known for their durability.

Their tape extensions are made entirely of natural human extensions. They are expertly crafted with Remy cuticles to keep the hair tangle-free all day long for smooth and soft hair. Human extensions provide a more natural appearance that is completely undetectable. Your extensions are a beautiful investment in yourself. The most important aspect of hair longevity is daily hair maintenance.


Halo Couture’s tape extensions are made with a unique sew line that holds the tape weft and hair together. This sews line allows our customers to have a better experience with tape extensions. Other brands that have just tape and hair (no-sew line) shed really badly. Here at Halo Couture we always test brands to make sure we remain the best tape extension on the market. Two other major brands that have no-sew lines shed really badly. Within a month we had 25% less hair on the extensions because of the shedding that occurred. Be sure to make sure that your tape extensions have a sew line; this still makes the tape in human hair extensions lightweight and durable, as well as reusable—and you will have hair left so you can reuse the extensions.

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