The Evolution of Golf Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are among the most flexible elements of menswear. Is it the perfect summer staple? When will it be the right size? What is the nicest site to get polo shirts? Polo shirts are an integral part of any gentleman’s wardrobe. Comfortable to wear with a wide range of other items in your wardrobe. A wide variety of summery fabrics are available, from chinos and shorts to seersucker and Madras. An al fresco lunch at a tiny restaurant is a must-do activity for the preppy gentleman on the town’s golf courses, tennis courts, and beaches.

Regardless of the fact that it has become a timeless staple. Finding a polo shirt with the ideal proportions, material, and colour palette could be challenging. But today, there are a number of brands producing golf polo shirts. Several well-known examples are Gildan, Ralph Lauren, Callaway Golf Apparel, etc.

Here, however, we will investigate the brief background of polo shirts. Let’s go into the lesson:

An Overview of Polo Shirts

While the exact date of the first polo shirt’s creation is unknown, many people assume that tennis great Rene Lacoste came up with the idea in the 1920s. Historians in the Indian state of Manipur have uncovered evidence of a similar pattern dating back to the 1850s.

Taking Polo to India

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It was a member of the British Army that founded the first polo club in the world. Having witnessed a local polo match, they got the bright idea to start their own club. Most of them wore long-sleeved cotton shirts with large collars, which they fastened with buttons to prevent the shirts from flapping in their faces while the horses galloped. In 1862, after their return to Great Britain, they made polo a household name.

A Brooks Brothers Polo-Inspired Button-Down Shirt

While visiting England in 1896, John E. Brooks, heir to the American hosiery empire Brooks Brothers, noticed the polo players’ button-down collars and was inspired to create a similar style for his own business. As a consequence of his grandfather’s recommendation, a new type of dress shirt with a collar that buttons all the way down was produced, and it quickly became a wardrobe essential.

The Original Polo Horse Logo, Designed By Lewis Lacey

A designer and polo player named Lewis Lacey produced a new lighter-weight polo shirt in his Buenos Aires store during the Roaring Twenties, replete with an embroidered depiction of a polo player.

The Origin of the Polo Shirt

When tennis great René Lacoste realized that the polo shirt could be utilized for more than just tennis, he designed the modern polo shirt as we know it today. The stiffness of the sleeves on his white tennis shirt made him consider how much better he would look without them.

René Lacoste’s Crocodile Logo, and the History of Croc-Etiquette

Best buddies Rene Lacoste and The Crocodile were close companions.

He also disliked buttons, so he removed them all from his clothes, leaving only a sleeveless shirt that he could slip on and off with ease. The tennis tail he invented was meant to make the shirt more wearable by making the rear longer than the front so that it could be tucked in more securely during intense play. Pique cotton, a novel machine-knitted weave, was also incorporated into the construction of the shirt to make it more durable and breathable.

Lacoste did not originate this method, but their polo shirts with this feature helped them gain instant fame. Using his nickname, “The Crocodile,” he designed a logo that would make his product instantly recognizable. Each garment had a tiny crocodile emblem from Lacoste sewn onto it.

The Original Style of René Lacoste

He won the 1926 US Open while wearing his shirt, and it quickly became a fixture of tennis and activewear wardrobes around the world. Immediately, polo players all over the world took note and started donning replica shirts. Instead of calling them tennis shirts, Lacoste chose to name their polo shirts in homage to their inspiration. 

Roehampton: Site Of The Annual World Tennis Championships Amid The Roaring Twenties

Tennis pros Rene Lacoste of France and Suzanne Lenglen of the United States squared off in a mixed doubles match.

Lacoste didn’t start his company until 1933, yet the polo shirt quickly went global. Lacoste, always on the lookout for new opportunities, figured out that making unique designs would boost product sales. The modern trend of wearing polo shirts in bright colours was thus created.

A New Style Icon: Eisenhower

Eisenhower wore a Lacoste Polo during his presidency. An important piece of history is Dwight Eisenhower’s Lacoste polo, which he wore while playing golf with Arnold Palmer.

The polo shirt didn’t become popular until 1952 when President Dwight Eisenhower donned one while playing golf.

Clothing with Fred Perry & Co.’s Embroidered Logo.

Later on, tennis great Fred Perry made his own take on the polo shirt, using the same basic layout but with an iron-on logo rather than a sewn one.

For Ralph Lauren, Polo Is the Next Big Thing

The polo shirt has become increasingly common among males and has maintained its status as a wardrobe staple. At his New York office desk, he agonized over what to call his new line of casual clothing while still giving it a sophisticated sound.

In 1971, Ralph Lauren presented his debut collection. He gave it the name “Polo” out of respect for long-standing custom. The polo brand first appeared on women’s clothing in 1971. In 1972, the polo shirt made its debut. And put to use as a promotional tool for his 1972 launch of a range of men’s casual wear.

In Today’s World

After the advent of the information technology sector, polo shirts became the de facto office uniform. And the trend toward a less stuffy office culture. As time passes, polo shirts are an essential clothing product in every label’s lineup. Whether it’s Callaway Golf Apparel or Gildan polo shirts, they continue to be a hot item even now. Companies started using the shirts as a mandated uniform when they realized they could easily have their logos printed on the sleeves, chest, collar, and back.

Polo shirts are now commonly a part of work uniforms in a variety of industries. Traditional polo fields and tennis courts, as well as country clubs and office buildings, are included. These days, polo shirts appear to be ubiquitous. From handymen and pest controllers to electronics superstores and discount department stores, no one seems to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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