The Top Five Crypto PR Firms in the Industry

To make a great first impression, you have to publish a tremendous public relations article to make a great first impression. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting an ICO, a call to trade, or an airdrop of a new NFT.

Focus on how you present it to the public.

All projects in the crypto space develop best practice strategies to reach their target audience effectively. Unfortunately, many crypto pr firm have failed to reach their target audiences because they lack the right approach to spread the word. 

However, just announcing the launch of a new product or service on the platform won’t get you there. So finding a cryptocurrency marketing agency that provides the best press release coverage and builds publicity is needed.

In this article, we’ll dive deeply into cryptocurrency marketing brands with a proven track record of successful brand PR. So, yes, let’s get started. 

Why is PR Important For Crypto Projects?

Crypto PR is used to promote something brand new in the crypto world. Launches these days need to show and impress the world how they add value to the crypto world. Establishing a one-on-one relationship with your target audience is essential to converting them into potential customers.

However, all blockchain projects and DeFi initiatives need public attention to succeed. Unfortunately, most crypto projects fail at the startup stage due to a lack of publicity. The failure is due to huge competition and the lack of good press releases to attract the target audience. 

The public is a pillar of crypto’s long-term success. But to promote it, you need a robust business that solves the cryptocurrency community’s real-time problems.

Nevertheless, some projects fail due to the lack of the idea of ​​making a first impression in the crypto market.

 Therefore, marketing and PR are essential for crypto beyond services and technologies.

Best Crypto PR Firms For 2022

1. Blockwiz

Blockwiz is a global cryptocurrency PR firm that provides various PR services for cryptocurrency brands. Blockwiz is an industry pioneer with an extensive customer track record.

Blockwiz experts curate eye-catching press release content for your brand to launch new products and services.

Blockwiz has an excellent crypto PR firm strategy that guides client companies to build strong public relations efforts in the crypto market. In addition, they have bespoke plans that can bring remarkable success to your cryptocurrency project in a short period. 

With an excellent global network, Blockwiz professionals strive to showcase their projects to the world through renowned media houses. In addition, PR and Sponsored Content services help clients achieve their brand awareness goals. 

Blockwiz’s PR approach is:

An expert reviews the project and sets the tone for the client company’s brand.

Create an engaging content plan. Our PR team will provide you with a complete list of relevant media houses and suggest the best for your brand.

Once you’ve decided which media to cover, set a time to publish your content.

Once the process is complete, the brand will provide a performance report.

Customers can choose cryptocurrency news sites from over 100 top media houses they are interested in publishing articles on. 

All major media houses, such as, Coin Telegraph, and CoinDesk, are included in the list. 

2. Bitcoin PR Buzz

Bitcoin PR Buzz is a well-known PR agency specializing exclusively in PR services. The brand has a great experience in the arena. Bitcoin PR Buzz has different packages to choose the best one for you. Their PR service is price based.

Customers can choose whether to simply sell products or use services such as PR writing and graphic design. Plans are created based on your budget and the PR services you need.

3. Coin traffic

Coin Traffic is a leading cryptocurrency PR marketing service that has worked with many clients worldwide. In addition, they offer PR writing and publishing services. Based on your choice and budget, we will publish your PR.

Their press release distribution service lets you get your PR articles to the most prominent crypto media outlets worldwide. In addition, coin Traffic also provides reports on the performance of press release articles.

4. CryptoVirally 

Crypto Virally helps brands grow through a variety of crypto outreach services. We offer multiple press release packages based on your budget. In addition, you can create a press release and send it to your website. Agency typing services are also available.

The cost depends on the number of sites and channels they cover. All package levels are available from beginner to advanced. Based on the purpose of the crypto press release, you can directly approach and utilize the service.

5. Coinpresso

Coinpresso is a crypto marketing brand that offers various services in the crypto and blockchain industry. The experienced Coinpresso team will deliver your PR article to the frontline media in cryptocurrency. Coinpresso also offers a typing service. You can opt-out of our services based on your interests.

These companies have the experience and expertise to help you navigate the burgeoning world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology so, if you want to take your crypto business to the next level, these Contact one of the companies now.

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