Tips for Safe and Secure Bike Shifting in Delhi: Expert Advice

A moving company moves household materials, bikes, cars, etc., to the desired location. The efficiency of work done by the moving company has made bike shifting in Delhi easy and fast. Delhi being the capital of India, the floatation of people coming into the city and going out of the city is more. Normally employment opportunities are the main cause of movement from one place to another. The time limit given by the employer forces the employee to move to a new location with or without his/her personal belongings. Once the employee settles down in the new location and joins the job, he/she can plan for the bike relocation.

Why must a moving company be hired for bike shifting in Delhi? 

Many enjoy riding bikes as it is very convenient to travel without luggage or little luggage. But driving for a long distance may tire both the driver and the bike. Hence hiring a moving company will sort out the problem of stress and strain. The professional staff takes care of the bike. It provides services like a pickup facility, appropriate packing that protects the bike from damage or bad weather, loading it into the transport vehicle, unloading it at the destination point, and delivering it to the hirer. Not only handling but the staff are also trained to keep track of the delivery of the bike and guide the hirer. This way, the hirer can rest in peace. The efficiency and professionalism of the moving companies have made Bike transport in Delhi the easiest way of transportation. But by following bike relocation tips in Delhi are followed, the hirer can ensure that their bike is safe and secure.

  • Surrender of bike: Before surrendering the bike to the moving company, the hirer must check and remove valuable items or personal belongings present in the bike. Rechecking the bike is better than losing the valuables due to negligence. 
  • Submission of documents: Never submit the original documents. There are chances of original documents being misused. Always a xerox copy of the documents like the RC book of the vehicle, the driver’s license of the owner, and other identity proofs confirming the address of the hirer must be submitted when an agreement is made. 
  • Checking of the bike: Though the service provider checks the condition of the bike before taking the order, the hirer must know the status of the bike and the condition of the tire, brakes, and engine. After receiving it at the destination, the hirer must recheck and ensure the bike is delivered safely and securely.
  • Payment: Never pay the complete amount to the moving company. This is only to ensure that the moving company is not a defaulter or cheater, and in case the task is not done perfectly, the balance amount can be waived off, or the complete amount is not paid. The payment of the advance amount is acceptable, and always ensure to take a receipt. The chance of cheating occurs more in the case of local service providers who may not be well equipped with the manpower and required knowledge.
  • Complete information to the moving company: Always provide complete information about the destination location, contact person’s name and phone number, availability of the contact person, delivery time, etc. This will help the moving company to deliver the bike at the right place and at the right time.
  • Charges:  Always collect information from the moving company about service charges. Compare it with other sources and then make a decision. There may be a slight change in the charges charged due to the goodwill of the moving company, the service desired by the hirer, and the urgency of the transport. The charges may be normal when the hirer selects the option, and the charges are high in case of urgency or urgent delivery. Always plan the bike relocation in Delhi to avoid price hikes.

The implementation of the above-mentioned tips will ensure Bike transport in Delhi.

Can the bikes be parcelled?

Yes, the facility of bike parcels in Delhi is available to the common public. There are many ways of parceling bikes.

  • Send bike as luggage: The customer must pack the bike perfectly with the correct packing material. He/she should then pay luggage charges. The books staffing of the parcel office check the credential of the person booking and check the bikes to be parcelled. If everything is in good condition, the staff load it into the parcel boogie of the train. The customer cannot carry the bike with him/her in the same boogie as it will disturb the other passenger. The customer can also board the train. Hence, the train will take both the customer and the bike as luggage. As soon as the train reaches its destination, the luggage can be claimed.
  • Send bike as a parcel: The bike can be parcelled by train without traveling.

Conclusion: Though bike shifting in Delhi is easy, it must be done only during necessary. If shifted within Delhi, the traffic police won’t question it, but the bike will attract legal attention if it is shifted out of Delhi city limits. The customer may have to pay the road taxes applicable in the new location.

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