Top 3 Flavors of Swishers Sweet

Swishers Sweet is far superior to other cigar companies. For over a century, Swisher Sweet has been supplying tobacco lovers with exceptional cigars worldwide.

Swisher Sweet has been producing delightful cigars since the late 1800’s, using the same craftsmanship that made the original Swisher cigars.

Why is Swisher sweet famous?

Swisher Sweet is one of the top cigar makers creating avant-garde cigar flavors that go beyond the norm and into uncharted territory. With its line of Encore Pouch and Limited Pouch cigars, Swishers Sweet boldly offers unique, new and captivating flavors to its ever-hungry fan base.

In case you didn’t know, the Limited Pouch range of cigars has introduced new flavors to test the market. If the flavor hits immediately, it’s upgraded to Encore Pouch.

All Swishers sweet cigarillos are packaged in 2 cigar foil, fresh resealable packets.

Top 3 flavors of sweet swishers:

Swisher sweet treats in Banana Smash, Coastal Cocktail and Coco Blue flavors are our top picks for 2019. The Limited Pouch collection includes Coastal Cocktail and Coco Blue, while the Encore Pouch collection has Banana Smash. Let’s explore it in detail.

Swisher sweet Banana Smash:

This cigarillo is one thing we can never get enough of. Swisher sweet Banana Smash is a delicious blend of strawberry and banana flavors, topped with premium tobacco.

A short filler made from a premium tobacco blend and a natural wrapper completes this delightful cigarillo.

We love how the creamy banana flavor descends on the finish, and the retro toughness of the strawberry as it dances on the front of the tongue. The cherry on top of this bad boy is the sweet tip.

Cigarillo Swisher Sweet Banana Smash Slow burn. You can smoke for up to 30 minutes. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Swisher sweet Coastal Cocktail:

The Coastal Cocktail from Swishers sweet embodies the essence of summer. Scents of kiwi and sweet peach combine in this baby fragrance. We love the vibrant, juicy, lively peach flavor of the first pull.

Aromas of kiwi linger on the finish as you savor the smooth taste of premium tobacco. No matter where you smoke this beautiful smoke, people will comment on the lovely scent.

However, since this smoke is a limited-edition manufacturer, you should act fast. This cigar also burns slowly, lasting at least 30 minutes. Buy it now and enjoy!

Swisher sweet Coco Blue:

Swishers Sweet Cocoa Blue Cigarillo combines flavors of coconut and blueberry. Intense fruity flavors that are pleasant to the touch right out of the pack. Wake up your tongue with this flavorful cigar, which elevates the flavors of blueberry and coconut.

You can’t go wrong with this bad boy, as it’s filled with a premium exotic short-filler blend, wrapped in a homogeneous package. However, this alluring cigarette is only accessible for a short time. Buy it now and satisfy your sweet cravings. You can get all these flavors in original quality from A2Z Tobacco.

About the product

Swisher sweet’s initial release was in 1958. It appeared in various blends, tastes, and flavors. In the cigar market, swisher sweet is at the top; the company offers multiple products, including cigars, cigarillos, mini-cigarillo, miniature cigars, etc. 

Swisher derives its inventive thinking from wanting to satisfy its customers and make them feel at home. This has allowed Swishers to adapt to changing customers’ flavors and tastes and grow for over 160 years. A2Z Tobacco sells a wide variety of swisher sweets flavors for each item.

Where can I buy swisher sweets?

We have a large selection of swishers sweets in various shapes and sizes at A2Z Tobacco. As the only distributor for swisher sweets, we are delighted to provide all of their cigar, cigarillo, mini-cigarillo, small cigar, and different varieties. 

We keep our cigars in a controlled environment to ensure they arrive at your home at the peak of freshness. Our online delivery is also available. Our shipping is speedy and reliable. It makes their customers very happy. For any cigar-related needs, place your order right now online! 

You will like their delightful smell. Swisher sweets is a regular famous American cigar brand. They are a fabulous cigar brand that won’t let you out or go out of style. Sweets cigars have a lovely odor and are gentle, sweet smoke.

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