Top 7 Selling Bikes In India 2022

Top 7 Selling Bikes In India

The two-wheeler market in India has showcased a consistent performance over the years. One of the significant factors contributing to this consistent performance of the two-wheeler segment is its affordability. This affordability is an outcome of the easy two-wheeler finance/motorcycle loan available in the market.

In modern times owning a two-wheeler has emerged to be a necessity. It helps navigate some of India’s congested traffic routes and comes out as a cost-effective option with the increased oil prices.

The decision to purchase any two-wheeler in India is strongly influenced by three key factors: (i) fuel efficiency, (ii) cost of the bike, and (iii) the overall appearance of the bike. Let us take a look at some of the top-selling bikes in India and what makes them the first choice for any consumer.

1. Hero Splendor:

Splendor is manufactured by Hero Motocorp in India. It has always been the top-selling model across pan-India since its introduction into the market. This two-wheeler has captured the market in both urban and rural areas. The bike boasts fuel efficiency, an affordable price and an appealing appearance. It checks all the boxes that a consumer is interested in. Hero Splendor is available in the range of Rs.50,000 to Rs.75,000, depending upon the variant.

2. Hero HF Deluxe:

The second best-selling bike in India is also manufactured by Hero Motocorp. The HF Deluxe appeals to consumers more inclined toward fuel efficiency and low-maintenance cost. The HF Deluxe is available at an affordable price range, starting from Rs.38,000 to Rs.59,000, depending on the different variants. This bike is powered by a 97.2cc engine that provides commuters with high fuel efficiency compared to other competitors.  

3. Bajaj Pulsar:

Pulsar is manufactured by Bajaj Auto and has been their top-selling model for a long time. Bajaj Pulsar was able to capture a significant portion of the two-wheeler market since its introduction on the Indian roads. The Pulsar comes with various variants that cater to the different requirements of the consumer, such as fuel efficiency, speed, appearance, price, etc. Given its different variants, Pulsar’s price range starts from Rs.65,000 to Rs. 1.9 lakhs.

4. Honda Shine:

Honda Shine is manufactured by Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India. This model has been able to capture a significant market share. Shine has been a preferred two-wheeler amongst consumers seeking high mileage/fuel efficiency. The manufacturers have provided timely upgrades to this model, which ensured that the bike continued to hold its market share despite a highly fragmented market in India. Honda Shine is available at Rs.60,000 – Rs.85,000, depending upon the variant.

5. Hero Passion:

Like the other top models from Hero Motocorp, this model has been a top performer since it was introduced on Indian roads. The bike has evolved multifold since its inception, and the innovation and upgrades provided by Hero Motocorp ensured that Passion continued to hold the market share despite new entrants and competition. Passion comes with high fuel efficiency, different colours and variants per the consumer’s needs. The bike is available at a price range of Rs.72,000 to Rs.80,000.  

6. Royal Enfield Classic 350:

The Royal Enfield Classic 350, also popularly known as the Classic 350, has established itself as a cult. The Royal Enfield also boasts a loyal customer base who don’t easily shift to other brands/models. The features of the Classic 350 contrast that of the other bikes on this list. Comparatively, the mileage of the Classic 350 is lower, and the price is higher than that of the other bikes on this list. However, their customer base seeks the “experience” that the bike provides over anything else. The bike is available at a price range of Rs.1.9 lakhs to Rs. 2.3 lakhs depending upon the variant.

7. Bajaj Platina:

The second entrant from Bajaj Auto on this list is the Platina. The key feature of this bike is the fuel efficiency it provides. Platina comes at a very affordable cost and is a preferred commuter bike for rural and urban populations. While the bike is available in different variants, the focus of this model is to provide the best mileage to its users. Depending upon the variant, the bike is available from Rs.39,000 to Rs.71,000.

Looking at the list of top-selling bikes in India, it is pretty clear that most Indian customers seek fuel-efficient bikes at affordable prices. The ability to own a two-wheeler in India is supported by the easy financing options provided by lending institutions.

Note: The prices mentioned are ex-showroom.

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