Top Tips to Commemorate Diwali 2022 in a Neater, Greener & Perfect Way

When Diwali arrives, the nation twinkles with fireworks, splendor, flashiness, lights, and incredible celebrations. People move all out to brighten their lives and residences with a joyous vibe. While the Diwali festival was about brightening earthen diyas and devoting time to near and close ones, today, it has spun into a sensation of flashy lights, noisy firecrackers, and everything that impacts environmental breakdown and destruction of energy. Air gets degraded, pets get terrified, people get wounded, and not to refer to the long-term outcomes of such insensible actions. Nonetheless, not all is misplaced yet. If you push a little effort, you can commemorate Diwali in a neater and greener way without restricting your plans for the festivities. Here are seven easy yet useful ways to commemorate a green Deepavali in 2022.

Spread the beauty and glow of beautiful Diyas:

Diwali can never get celebrated without diyas! So, why not move back to the old way this year and adorn your home with the warmness and shine of beautiful diyas(traditional oil lanterns), lamps, and attractive candles? For the novice, it will be an interesting experience to light up diyas and candles with your precious ones and keep them all around the house’s nooks. Furthermore, you will save on the power required to light up attractive electric and LED lights. Moreover, you will brighten the souls of those whose livelihood relies on preparing and selling diyas. Now, isn’t this what the mood of Deepavali is all about? This Deepavali, bring to your home that beautiful ray of light! You can opt for Bloomsvilla’s online gift shop and get decorative diyas for this Diwali.

Prevent Harmful Gases with No-Crackers Idea:

The bursting of firecrackers is essential to the joy of Diwali. We understand! But the truth is that the crackers emit heavy metals and toxic gases that add to the heightening of harmful pollution levels. Furthermore, crackers are understood to cause accidents, wounds, and health problems. The best way out is to commemorate a No-cracker Diwali. You can also get your hands on the newly launched environment-friendly crackers that don’t cause noise pollution but are high on the joy quotient. In other terms, you will be able to appreciate the joy of blowing up crackers without weighing down the environment. 

Enhance your home décor with flowers:

Diwali preparations cannot be finished without attractive rangolis. While rangolis made with unnatural colors may look incredible, they are distant from being safe. Most unnatural colors contain toxic chemicals that are harmful not just to your health but to the atmosphere as well. This Diwali, how about opting out of these artificial colors and opting for some genuine ones? We are speaking about using blossoms that can add extraordinary freshness, magnificence, and aroma to your rangolis. You can smoothly blend and match different blossoms and use them to make distinctive patterns. It’s time to release the imaginative creativity in you! 

Select Eco-Friendly Gifts:

There’s no doubt that the ritual of gifting boosts the beauty of Diwali, and people devote a lot of time and money to getting gifts for their precious ones. This year, take an instant and think about whether you are selecting gifts that are beneficial as well as eco-friendly. For example, won’t it be an incredible idea to offer plants to your beloved ones rather than sweets, firecrackers, and chocolates? You can select from various alternatives, like bonsai, indoor plants, feng shui plants, kitchen herbs, terrariums, etc. All of which are tremendous eco-friendly gifts. The concept is to be extravagant in sentiments rather than on boring gifts. And offering a plant is surely a way to commemorate a green plant – we suggest purely green – Diwali in 2022. 

Put Plastics at Rest:

A green Deepavali won’t be attainable unless you make efforts to commemorate a neat Diwali, one that is plastic-free. And you heard us right – we did say NO PLASTICS! Breaking free from the grasp of plastics isn’t difficult if you are determined sufficiently. This Deepavali makes it a point to skip using all types of plastic. Straight from gift packing and bags to the packets, including the Diwali sweets and good plastic ornaments, and the rest in between, go for plastic-free options.

Wrap Up Beautifully – Handmade:

More frequently, the packing attracts your attention to a gift even before you glimpse what’s stocked inside. Packing Diwali gifts with shiny things and glittery wrapping papers may be a simple trend but not an eco-friendly one. When you use wrapping paper, you unknowingly support the cutting of trees. So, rather than utilizing paper, you can use chunks of fabric and laces and build unique gift wrapping ideas. While this assists our bigger go-green task, your buddies and families will be glad by the emotional touch of these gifts. All of these ideas might sound like straightforward acts and ideas with no quick results but believe us, small drops of water make an ocean powerful.

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