Warning Signs Printed on Cigarette Boxes can Spread Awareness

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Talking about packaging, it let an impact on the user. Packaging has essential rules in our life. Attentional or un-attentionally, the product’s packaging affects us in many ways. Besides thousands of product packaging benefits, it has one crucial advantage: “bring awareness among the people.” the real example is the cigarette boxes. You have noticed that every cigarette box has a graphic illustration of the adverse effect of smoking and tobacco. Many warning signs are printed on cigarette boxes to educate people about the harmful impact. No, it is the law by the government that whether it is e-cigarette boxes or blank cigarette boxes, the printing of warning signs is a must. Do you know that the usage of tobacco can be the cause of human death? According to the WHO, tobacco use has killed billions of people in this century. The death rate due to tobacco consumption in the middle-income region is high. It is why the WHO makes it compulsory to print warning messages on cigarette boxes.

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IS Graphic Warning on the cigarette boxes helpful?

The Graphic warning labels on the cigarette boxes affect most people, whether they are smokers or nonsmokers. It is the best medium to bring awareness among people about the life-threatening disease caused by smoking. In diseases like oral cancer, there is a growth of malignancy, eventually leading to death. Besides mouth cancer, smoking is the chief cause of lung cancer. Canada is the first country to take the initiative to bring awareness among people through graphics illustration. In 2001 Canada took this initiative to bring Awareness. The warning labels are given with health info and serve as the essential strategy for a detailed Tobacco control campaign in Canada.

The graphic has a powerful impact on people and makes them think about the adverse effect of tobacco usage. The graphic illustration is much more potent than the mean of awareness.

Are Printed messages on the Blank Cigarette boxes as effective as Graphics?

 The question of conflict there is that notes on the blank cigarette boxes leave the same influence as the graphics do. We cannot compare the graphics with words. The graphics illustration is helpful for those who cannot read or understand. The picture of the disease leaves an impact on the human mind. Besides the photo, the powerful messages on the cardboard cigarette boxes go the same effect as the graphics. Meaningful words are a powerful weapon. Messages like ” Smoking kills ” and ” Smoking Double the risk of throat cancer” impact the users. There are many awareness messages which you can print on cigarette boxes. If you are the one who deals with the cigarette boxes, then prefer the ones for sale, which have both graphics and messages printed on the boxes. The old saying ” two is better than one.” you have to put your effort into making people aware of these diseases.

Graphic Warning Labels and Neurological Response

 There was research in which they sought out the neurological response to the GWL. In this research, they gave the cigarette boxes with the Graphic and text printed on them and the blank cigarette boxes with text-only for a few seconds. Then the research team uses the MRI to find out the neurological response. Along with MRI, the subject was asked to push the button to rate how much the text and the images made them quit smoking. The result was not surprising, and the researcher found that GWL is more likes to make a smoker quit smoking.

Do electronic cigarette needs warning labels?

Most people think that e-cigarette is not as harmful to human health as others. If so, “do cigarette boxes need the warn label?” The e-cigarette is gaining popularity amongst adults and teenagers. Many people use these to quit smoking. Yes, it is true vape is less harmful as compared to smoking, but it still harms human health. E-cigarette containing nicotine is addictive and affect neurological development. You need to print the warning sign on the cigarette Boxes because it does affect human health.

Final Verdict

 Warning signs printed on cigarette boxes can spread awareness. As many types of research have been conducted, which shows that graphic plus text leaves an impact on human minds. Printing the warning signs is a must, whether an e-cigarette box or a cigarette box. If you are the one who is running the cigarette business, it is your ethical duty to print the awareness messages on the boxes. Your little effort can make a significant impact on human health.

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