What is an Air Track mat?

Gymnasts, cheerleaders, martial artists, dancers, and parkourists can all use air track mats as a training tool. Your inflatable tumbling mat can be used both inside and outside on grassy surfaces. Either keep them on their side or deflate them to make them smaller and easier to store.

The benefits of Air Track mat:

Gymnastics mats are constructed from high-density foam. They are frequently coated with a water-repellent material to keep out moisture. A gym floor that is ideal for gymnastics is required. It should bounce just enough for them to develop their talents but not too much to hurt them. Regarding the thickness of their gymnastics mats, gymnasts have a range of alternatives.

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Reduce accidents

Gymnastic equipment manufacturers began using air track mats into routines to lower the chance of injury. These mats are less plush than standard mats and more like the flooring that the majority of runners use. This variation in cushioning has been proved in numerous trials to reduce injuries.

Longer training

One of the most crucial pieces of gym equipment is the Kameymall Air Track. Muscles are stretched on the air track, allowing users to benefit more from their workouts. The reason they are so well-liked is that you can stretch every muscle in your body with just one device.

The main benefit of an air track is that it can be used for any exercise, including lunges, squats, and arm and shoulder raises. Certain workouts are excellent for functional training.

Hip jerks: Your glutes, hamstrings, and other muscles are strengthened by this workout. You may build up the strength in your hips by performing hip thrusts. When someone wants to build up their upper body strength, this is sometimes disregarded.

You may strengthen: your hamstrings with single-leg squats without adding weight or worrying about your balance.

Planks: Your core can be strengthened by performing planks.

Use it in many ways

These gymnastic air track mats can be used as a space-saver or as a supplement to a workout, among other things. There are numerous applications for these mats. Here are some pointers to assist you in using them properly. A minimum of one inch should be left between the mat surface and the floor. This will make it simple for you to switch sides without letting your feet touch the mat.

Exercise at home

The performance of your athlete may be impacted by carpeting. Horsehair covers high-density polyethylene Air Track, which are constructed of this material. The mats can withstand wear and tear and are also non-slip. Today’s fans of extreme sports were the target market for these mats.


Gymnastics may be physically taxing. For your gym, the appropriate equipment is required. Because they can handle the demands of gymnastics, gymnastic air track is perfect for gymnasts of all skill levels, including beginners and experienced athletes.

These mats are sturdy, dependable, and cozy. Thanks to their inventive design, which also offers strong support for their feet, these mats are flexible enough to let athletes roam around without restriction. Additionally, they have a top made of high-quality suede that is dust mite resistant and hygienic.

How can you buy an air track mat that is perfect for you?

You should look for the following qualities in a great air tumbling mat.

The mat’s size is:

Expanded, long, thin squares are present on air track mats, although their sizes vary. Examining the areas where the mat will be used most frequently will help you choose the mat that fits into the tiniest gaps. You might find items with a larger surface area even if the majority of the items have a surface area of roughly three feet. Also available are several different lengths, ranging from six to twenty feet. Possibly the most popular size is a ten-foot mat. Some of these mats can be linked together concurrently to make longer pathways. Therefore, when getting a mat, be sure to select the one that is the appropriate size and never disregard it.

How thick the mat is:

The recommended overall depth for extended mats, which is what most of them are, is 4 inches. For further safety, you may even buy products that appear to be seven or eight inches thick. There are several companies who sell heated mats that are twelve inches thick, but they are extremely pricey. A mat, however, might not be the greatest solution for younger children due to its thickness. If you are one of those people who disregards thickness when buying a mat, you should think about it because thickness is significant. If you are inexperienced and not an excellent athlete, we advise you to choose a mat with larger thickness because it will be safer for you.


Every one of the filled mats appears identical when placed next to one another, but closer inspection reveals minute variations that might allow one object to perform better than the others. Premium materials, particular pumps, air movers, and handrails could affect your choice. Therefore, never purchase a mat without taking the features into consideration.

1. Using the adhesive on the ends, the mat may be fastened to something or connected to additional mats. Even while not all mats have sticky edges, it is something to consider.

2. If you need to move your mat frequently, the handle that is included with each mat may be helpful.

3. Although double-walled and marketing PVC sheets are more expensive materials, you might be able to get by with utilizing cheaper ones. It’s important to understand all of the product’s details because the blowers motor may or may not be included in your purchase. Hand pumps might not be as effective as electric ones, too.

4. You need valves if you need to pump or compress quickly.

Because of this, a lot of people who have never purchased an air tumbling mat before are unaware of these unimportant details.

Cost and Promise:

When you go to the store to buy an air gymnastic mat for yourself, you should educate yourself on the many types of mats that are available there. Depending on their dimensions, style, and other attributes, these mats have varying prices. The two equal mats come in a range of prices as well. Guarantee is still another important element. Always go with the option that comes with the best guarantee and is the cheapest. You may pick the best one from a range of online shops.


So, if you want to get the greatest air track mat for you and avoid wasting money by buying something you don’t need, you must be aware of these aspects and features.

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