What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

direct mail marketing

A direct mail campaign can be highly effective if it includes a strong offer that tells recipients exactly what they can expect and how to contact the company. A great direct mail piece will have a large headline, an eye-catching image, a complimentary color scheme, and a well-designed company logo. Even free gifts should be designed with great care.

Personalized messages

One of the benefits of direct mail marketing is that you can personalize the message. Whether you’re sending a handwritten note, a coupon, or a CTA, your direct mail can create a stronger emotional reaction and get more people to open it. There are several best practices you can use to make your marketing materials stand out from the crowd.

One way to make your messages more personalized is to use geomarketing to segment your customer lists by location. Many marketing campaigns now include custom maps of the area in which your customers live. Likewise, many life insurance companies, colleges, and senior living services will use demographic information to create customized quotes for their clients. Public records are also a valuable resource for obtaining data about individual prospects. For example, the car registration information for people living near a city can help you target customers within that area with a more targeted offer.


While a direct mail campaign can seem expensive, there are many ways to reduce the costs. You can use postcards instead of catalogs, and you can design your own direct mailers. Outsourcing to a graphic designer can save you money, but you should also consider the cost of mailing them using First Class Mail.

The costs of direct mail marketing vary depending on the size of the mailing list and the type of mail piece that will be sent. Using a more targeted mailing list will reduce the cost of printing. A high-quality mailing list will have higher response rates than one that has only generic addresses. Mailing lists can also be purchased or rented for a low cost. Direct mail companies will also help you price the components of the campaign.

Direct mail is a cheap option but can be expensive if postage and printing charges are not included. Automation solutions can help you minimize these costs, eliminating the need to calculate each separately and contact different vendors. Automated solutions also offer dashboard control and data security. They can even offer inbuilt templates.


Direct mail marketing is an extremely effective way to reach customers. Direct mail offers high response rates ranging from five to nine times greater than other marketing methods. For example, one study found that 25 percent of people who received print catalogs visited the retail store or website within six months. Direct mail is also an effective way to increase brand awareness and sales.

Direct mail puts a brand’s logo and message in the consumer’s face. Compared to email, which is full of spam and unread messages, direct mail requires the recipient to open and touch the message. Direct mail also does not have as much competition as an inbox full of emails.


One of the benefits of direct mail marketing is its scalability. You can start with a small batch and scale up as you see fit. This helps you figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s also cost-effective and easy to do. Automation also helps make your campaign scale quickly.

Using an API, you can connect your direct mail campaigns to a digital database and track their deliverability, ROI, and more. Using AI for predictive analytics can help you optimize your campaign and get better results. It’s a great way to maximize your marketing dollars by ensuring your direct mail campaigns reach the ideal customer profile.

Another benefit of Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing is that it integrates well with other marketing tactics. For example, you can send a mailer to a list of customers, then follow up with an email reminder, display ad, or retargeting campaign. Using each layer can help drive more traffic to your business.

Call to action

A call to action is an important part of a direct mail piece. The structure and copy should be effective to encourage readers to respond. A successful call to action is clear and easily understood. It should appear at the end of the body text. It should also be friction-free and not require a large amount of commitment up front.

There are many ways to make your call to action more effective. The first thing to consider is the purpose of the call to action. If the call to action is unclear or too hard to understand, it will not motivate the reader to take the desired action. Ideally, it should leave the potential customer wanting to learn more.

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